Thursday, RUNday

Spring may not have yet ‘sprung’, but much of the snow has melted. Not where we live, mind you, but far more importantly- on the high school track where the Learn-to-Run sessions are supposed to meet! Yup, just shy of the half way point and we are finally able to run on the track. The sweet, sweet (read: FLAT!) track. I am not sure who was more excited, myselves or my person!

Stretch, stretch, stretch. Yeah, yeah, yeah. While the runners are doing their thing to prepare, I’m working on getting mentally ready for the work out ahead…

Walk for two & a half minutes and then, get this, run for five minutes. Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive whoooooooooooooooole minutes. In. A. Row. I can not wait until this starts to get easier, at least a little bit.

Only, mid-directions from the program’s coach, my person takes off for the track. The next thing I know, I am toe box to toe box with a complete stranger pair of sneakers! The ladies above above me hugging hello and then I hear the words “Sparrow’s Nest”. Turns out, this woman & her shoes are team mates! Just as I was about to introduce myself to her footwear, the group behind us appears to be about ready to start and we rush off to join them. Of course. The good news is that when we arrive back to the circle, this brief meeting put her in the mood to fill her running buddy in on the meet-n-greet from the other evening. I was able to overhear lots of the details I was craving. From what I could follow; half, if not more of the team was in attendance. They were all super cool and many are just like us, very new to running. The ones who are experienced are all about helping the newbies, be it by imparting advice, or helping with actual training. She also said that she has a much better idea as to what to expect of the actual race. Unfortunately ,that was all she said about that but I am hopeful she’ll share those details with me as we get closer. The one thing she did say that I can’t stop thinking about- I guess it was, at times, very emotional. I’ve heard that can often be the case with human chicks, but I didn’t get the impression that is was a hormone thing. I think that they all just feel so strongly about the mission of the organization and many have the addition of being personally touched by cancer, or even what they are doing for the women & the families that they serve. Apparently, they are delivering more than food. I have to admit though, she started to get winded by that point (about minute 7) and so I missed what else they are bringing to these families. I guess her running mates heard it as I could hear them both murmer in assent.

I was so happy that she was able to get that much of the recap out in the beginning of the workout, because she certainly didn’t do too much more chatting as the running segments wore on. I can not believe I complained about three minutes. Five is insane. So insane that we learned a new term- ‘vacuuming’. From what I inferred, this is what they call it when your running mates circle back to run along side you after establishing a lead. Which, as inexperienced as it made us feel; I’m thinking it’s far better than getting lapped!

I had better get my heels in box, we have an appointment at the gym early tomorrow morning. From what I observed the last time we were there, tonight’s workout just may have been the easy part of the week’s exercise.