Still no running. My person finally accepted this as fact and emailed the Learn to Run facilitator to let her know we weren’t simply ditching the training sessions, or, gasp! giving up. She explained that these next few weeks would hopefully be a small glitch in our long term goals and as soon as we were cleared to begin training, we’d be back ‘on track’ -pun completely intended.

I don’t know the name of the woman who headed up the group and acted as lead mentor, but I have met her shoes, Positive, and so I knew she’d be supportive. What I hadn’t expected was just how so… She promised to save one of the medals we’d have been running for if allowed to participate in the race later this month and present it to us upon completion of our first 5K. Even I got a little teary eyed at that, and I’m no where near as emotional as my person- ole waterworks herself.


I already knew that the running sneaker community is comprised of the type of shoes that welcome “newbies” with open laces. It’s nice to be consistently reminded by the actions of their people that they too are friendly and outgoing, and that they enjoy helping those new to this sport in any way that they can. So many people think that that runners are snotty, or stuck up, that they look down their noses at anyone who doesn’t make putting a few (or many) miles in each day a priority. Those people couldn’t be more wrong.