(Other) Asics Are A Girl’s Best Friend(s)

I would imagine that a 10am training session is late for most but for us- that’s early. I’ve yet to see my person up before noon on a Sunday, so to be out of bed, dressed and already at the park before then is something to well, blog about. Maybe it’s the new watch- she used the alarm feature this morning. Which I was none too happy to hear go off after having been up crazy late last night/this morning- insomnia, it’s not just for people anymore.

Either way, up and out we were, meeting new (to me) friends. I guess the ladies has some catching up to do and us sneakers were along for the run. Oddly, these are also much more experienced at running friends. (I wonder, how does someone with so many active friends take so long to get bit by the exercise bug?) The good thing about being half asleep en route to the park was that I spend much of the ride lamenting my lack of sleep, not the running portion the session. I should have been, especially knowing the main reason for meeting up was some girl time. That always means talking, and lots of it! Two days ago was the worst workout ever and here we were about to repeat it.

Meet Quiet- but don't let that fool you, she was totally named before her true personality was known!

Meet Quiet- but don’t let that fool you, she was totally named before her true personality was known!

Boy was I right about the talking- the two of them were barely out of the cars before they started! Quiet rolled her eyelets and I just knew we were on the same page. While she & I made our own introductions, the decision was made to follow the 4 minute walk, 2 minute run program, though not without sufficient warning of how difficult it was going to be on our end and a call for mercy. Another good natured eye roll from Quiet & her person alike and off we all headed in the direction opposite the hills!*

*Yay! Annnnnd why don’t we head this way normally?

Yap, yap, yap from above, punctuated by the odd laugh and then it was already minute four and we were running. The next two minutes passed as slow as those on Friday, but it was so much easier. I could see my person check our new watch more than once to be sure she wasn’t incorrect, but yup- two minutes of running and we were still doing alright. Minute ten was on us quickly and again, while the running seemed to take f o r e v e r, it was bearable! To the point where we were both teased about being dramatic.

Girl, the way you made it sound, I didn’t know what I was in for…

& there was no convincing either of them that we were just as surprised to be doing so “well”. In fact, when we made it to the end of the flat path and back to the cars in a half hour, having completed the expected workout, we were still doing well enough to suggest walking the hilly section as extra. Only Quiet & company felt that there was still a bit of run in us all. Every once in a while she would announce that she felt it was time to run. Please note: I’m not saying my person didn’t call her horrible names (out loud!) but run we did. I’m so proud of us both, some of these lovingly forced runs were up hills and still, we managed to take it in stride (see what I did there?)

It’s funny how the simplest things can make you accomplish what seems impossible. “You got this” are very powerful words and having the kind of shoes in my life that say it (and mean it!)  make me a very lucky pair of sneakers. I really like Quiet- which she totally isn’t, she’s Southern and ladylike, but I am pretty sure that once you get to really know her it’s a whole other story 😉 I am so thankful to my person for introducing me to both her & Strength- they are the kind of girl friends a sneaker needs if she’s to reach her goals! Maybe its because we’re all Asics cousins, but I think its deeper than that- I think they are just awesome footwear!