Running on the Brain, and, well, Socks too

I’m sure that from the outside it appears as if it has always been the case but I am officially obsessed with running. When is our next run? Who is joining us? Where will we go? How long? How far? How fast? It’s as if each run is its own reason for that day. We’re still only on intervals and to those who have been running for a while, its most likely child’s play, but to us- nine minutes at a time is harder than it sounds. An actual accomplishment.

When we’re not running, a lot of my person’s activities are still run-focused. Between gym visits, training meetings, food intake obsessing and making lofty goals for races in the future as well as fundraising for the half in November- which I had so better get to attend! An afternoon of wine tasting and prizes. Prizes! So far, Jewelry and Wine and Gift Certificates for Restaurants and a Gym membership annnnnnd socks! You KNOW how I love socks! Super cools one too. The company that graciously donated them, The Sox Box, also donated a pair for us to rock during races. How awesome is that? I was looking at their website earlier and it is going to be a tough choice, every pair is fabulous. In fact, take a look and let me know which pair you think we should get!


Sock It To Me!

Turns out, I was so wrong about the perception of discount. So, so wrong.

My person took me to the mall over the weekend. Amazing how different it is to see it from the other perspective- as a consumer. Man, I can’t say that enough- as a consumer. Me. 🙂 She wanted to treat me to socks. A word I’m learning to use, as I used to call these very things underwear, panties. I like “socks” better. Less personal, especially since everyone can see them. Look at me, learning new things left and right!

So, I probably shouldn’t share this little tidbit, but I think I will anyway- have you ever found yourself someplace and you’re not sure why? Well, that’s us! Us, as in the things you thing are just things. Inanimate- Ha! We can think about something sooooo hard that all of a sudden, you can actually feel it, as if you had the very thought yourselves. It’s not mind control or anything so sci fi, more like the power of suggestion. I have to say, I didn’t really believe in it either. Everyone in my world talks about it. Trust me, its not like I hadn’t tried it every. single. day. back when I was a product for sale. And clearly, it didn’t work then. Which is why, when I tried it this weekend, I never expected it to work. Except that it did. Totally. And I now know the secret. You need the bond between person and, though I hate to use the word, “thing”. Another perk of belonging to someone!

Which is why I was able to get us to swing by the department store so that I could visit with my old rack mates. Torie’s gone, no surprise there. Everyone said that she was super happy to go and that her person seemed to be another true shoe lover and so would have a good life. “He” was gone too. Don’t get me wrong, I am very happy for him, it just would’ve been nice to see him. I guess I’ll just have to keep hoping that one day our paths cross again. Not that the visit was a downer, by any means. It was great seeing everyone else and I was able to chat for quite a bit while my person scowled at the price of socks. (Sorry guys, she meant no offense!)

I also managed to get us all the way to the food court too. It was cute to hear her ask herself, “what am I even doing here?”. It was not so cute to hear it before I had managed to subliminally suggest that we share a hot pretzel. She managed to gain complete control of her thought process and whisked me back to the car.

Back to my opening thought- the distinction of being discounted as a bad thing. Am I the only one who has never heard of TJ Maxx?? If so, please allow me to wax lyrical- it is chock full of awesome clothes, shoes, accessories and what have you, all discounted. Like, by a lot. All on trend, too. A true shoppers’ store. If you’re one who enjoys the “thrill of the hunt”, this place is probably pretty close to heaven. Everyone is excited to shop there and none of the “things” for sale feel one bit bad about being available for less than what the department stores charge. In fact, everyone seemed pretty proud to be a part of their stock. Who could blame them? The consumers heading here are looking to get the most for their money and so, it makes them all seem that much more attractive- the clearance sections were downright giddy! I am so lucky, my person is usually a hard core Maxxinista, it’s a wonder she was even at the mall to find me. Though, I didn’t see much in the way of athletic shoes on the racks there. Either way, I’m grateful things worked out as they did.

new socks 4 og

I am also grateful for my new socks. You’ll never believe me when I say that I didn’t use my magical powers of persuasion to “help” her choose them either. They are exactly what I wanted! &, priced far less than they had been when I saw them the night Torie and I went shopping. I was so floored when she pulled them from the display, I didn’t even have time to do anything on my part to aid in her selection. I’m glad too, because it allows me yet another sign that she & I are meant to be!

Three more days ’til I rock a pair of these bad boys around the track at “Learn to Run”.
I can’t believe how less than a week ago I was practically mocking it and now I can. not. wait.