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(Not Exactly) A Walk In The Park

Man. I guess I underestimated this whole running thing. Or, I totally overestimated my own abilities. My person and I started our Learn to Run program yesterday I was completely unprepared. Completely.

A. It was cold. Not like, a little bit cold, but f r e e z i n g. Like in the twenties. There was even some snow. Obviously, I can’t see out the car windows, from the floor, but I definitely heard the panicked chatter from above, and they said snow. More than once. Granted, it stopped by the time we arrived at the park but still, snow. The fact that it had stopped was really only a slight improvement to the weather, because it was still soooo cold. Don’t forget, I’m in direct contact with the ground, still covered in large part by ice and snow.

B. This shit is hard. Like the actual walking. I know, I know, I have been all braggy and what have you because of all my “training” and having been made for the sole purpose of running (no pun intended). Yeah, all of that- whatevs! I was not ready for the act of walking with feet, helping to act as cushion between whole human person and the (freezing cold) ground. I don’t really know her stride yet so there was a lot of unpredictability as to when and how she’d land each step. And there was so. many. steps. Remember how I laughed at the concept of walking for a half hour? Yeah, well, who’d laughing now? Not these shoes! We went up and down hills. Plural. Thank God we weren’t running yet, I would never have made it.

C. It’s still not really over. I am sore. All over. Both of my uppers and my laces from holding on to her feet. My soles ache from all that cushion providing. Plus, I couldn’t relax and remained tense in an effort to get warm. What’s especially unnerving is that even though I am so tired, from all that work reacting in order to provide support and the proper pressure at the correct time and place, I am all keyed up and wide awake. Being in box does help, but I wish I could sleep. Though, who knows how I’ll feel in the morning. Hashtag, a little scared of that.

I was wrong. And am shoe enough to admit it.

Bright sides of my evening…

A. Lots of other shoes appeared to be struggling with the same issues. Everyone seemed friendly too, smiles all around, but really, not many seemed up for chatting just yet. If anyone had even uttered hello, I doubt I’d have been able to respond. There is definitely something about being in the same boat though. I guess we’re going to be doing this same workout a few times in this coming week so I am thinking that each meeting with the group will get a little easier.

B. I managed to avoid stepping on both ice and dog poop. Plus, double plus right there.

C. We definitely bonded. I could tell that some of the hills weren’t exactly a walk in the park for her either, even though, technically that’s what we were doing. She never stopped though. No matter how winded she felt, or tired she was, she kept going. In fact, I have a confession to make- I totally gave her a blister. I know, like the worst thing I could’ve done. I feel awful about it. Traitorous almost & embarrassed. I wasn’t even going to say anything but it felt wrong to leave that out. She took it in total stride though. We came home, she slapped a Band-Aid on it and really, other than mention it to her husband, hasn’t complained since. I think she knows it was a complete accident. Wheeew. Bright side right there!

I’m proud of her. Of both of us. We are going to kick so much heel! (eventually)

Since so many of you inquired... green! I wore the green ones for my maiden voyage.

Since so many of you inquired… green! I wore the green ones for my maiden voyage.