life span of a running shoe


Week number six of our Learn to Run program -with tonight’s session we’ve made it to the halfway point. A three minute walk, followed by a seven minute run. Times three. As hard as it felt, we did it! Which wouldn’t have felt possible a few weeks ago. Having a support system is a definite plus. Running buddies, especially those who are so much more advanced is helpful because they not only provide encouragement but offer a distraction. Advice dispensed, stories told and time &/or distance tracked. I, for two, am so grateful for my person’s supportive friends’ athletic shoes that have made the journey to this point so much smoother, and enjoyable.

Truth be told, this week, I didn’t need much help being distracted. During one of our seven minute stints, I concentrated super hard on getting my person to think about the question burning in my sole since our last run. Turns out she was concentrating equally hard on breathing so it wasn’t until we hit a walk phase that she picked up what I was puttin’ down and asked her running mates what the deal is about sneaker replacement. Human lives are measured in time- seconds, minutes, hours. Days, weeks, months, years. I had always thought that my life span was counted similarly. Nope. Mileage. As in how many miles I transverse. To makes matters worse, its seems the number of miles is at each runners’ discretion. Seriously, it differed for each runner asked, with numbers ranging from 400 to 600-ish. Ish? What does ish mean?

At what mile do you suppose THAT happened?

At what mile do you suppose THAT happened?

Great, more questions for me to mull over in box tonight rather than sleep. How long is a mile? How many miles have we covered so far? How many between here & and November? How many will I be allowed before forced retirement?

In effort to focus on the positive, I will say that my person seemed to take this news in the same context as I. She even commented at one point how attached she already felt to me (awwwwww!) so I am confident that she will make the right decisions as far as my life span.