Be Careful What You Wish For

So, my new person? Get this- she hasn’t run since college.
I’m not saying she’s ancient, but really, her college days were long before I was even a gleam in Poppa Asics eyelets.

She’s cool and very much a shoe lover, but I was so looking forward to putting all my training to good use. I have been chomping at the bit to get out there and really run, but it looks like we will be walking before that happens. Literally. Seems she signed up for a newbie runners program and I caught sight of the schedule- 1st week, walking. 30 minutes, non-stop- whooooo.

I wish Torie was here, she & I could talk about anything. She would totally help me put this all into perspective. I probably don’t even have to say that I really miss he who has never been named, right? We at least knew enough to keep it light, since there was always the possibility of one us leaving at any time. Truth be told, I can not believe it wasn’t him- this season, fancy athletic shoe like that, with all those “bells & whistles” as Torie & I liked to joke. Sigh. Perhaps one day we’ll “run” (haha) into each other out in the world. Though, its super doubtful what with me being among so many not-yet runners, at least for a while. He was definitely not the shoe for a newbie.

I have to stop being ungrateful. I am so happy to be out of the store but now that all the things that I dreamed would be waiting for me out here in the world are still a long way off I have to find new things to be thankful for…
For one thing, I was NOT joking when I said my person is a shoe lover, you should see it here! It’s almost as if I didn’t leave the department store- there are that many of us here. Making new friends shouldn’t be too hard, especially since there is far less possibility of any one of us getting whisked away to a new home at any given moment. Which is actually a really big deal. I’ve had to say goodbye to enough friends to relish the opportunity to make some lasting friendships.