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It is a rare evening that my person heads out… She’s not a hermit, but I certainly wouldn’t use the words social butterfly. There’s the Learn to Run group meetings each week and a once in a while the meeting of a gal pal for a run (& gab session). Lunch dates with girl friends every so often and maybe one instance of “ladies night out” these last new weeks. Twice a month or so she does have some sort of practice, though I can’t quite figure out exactly which sport the Junior League plays- baseball? bowling? So odd, she doesn’t seem the team sport type, nor is she young enough to be on a team comprised of juniors. BUT, as you recently witnessed, making assumptions can only lead to trouble so I am refraining- if she says belongs to a Junior League, then she belongs to a Junior League.

So, when she was all aflutter over meeting a group of women she didn’t yet know for coffee last night, I was all ears. Which is a super big deal, seeing as I don’t even have any! I paid extra close attention to the details so I could avoid another misunderstanding but, until I have confirmation I suggest you take whatever I have to say with a grain of salt.

From what I was able to piece together, that half marathon we’ll be running this fall- it isn’t just going to be us. I mean, yes, I did know that there are going to be t h o u s a n d s of other runners & their shoes participating, but what I didn’t realize was that we were part of a team! Turns out there are over 50 additional people all running that same race in an effort to raise monies for a local charity- Sparrow’s Nest. Last evening’s get together was to serve as a meet-n-greet seeing as there are common goals – crossing that finish line annnnnnd fundraising $100,000.00 to ensure that this a m a z i n g organization is able to continue the work that they do. That money will allow them to feed the families of 50 cancer’s-ass-kicking moms for a whole year.

A hundred thousand dollars, that’s a lot of socks. Suddenly, the running might be the easy part.

I really wish that I had gotten to go. I would love to have met the other sneakers, or even their people. I’m hoping that there’ll be other opportunities before we hit the starting line, but for now, I am so looking forward to hearing all about how everything went!

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