Yap, Yap, Yap!

Man, if talking was an endurance sport, ‘someone’ I know would already have a slew of medals! All week, we met this friend and that one and all the while we walked & ran, she talked, talked, talked. I will say, at least she is building up her ability to breathe. Back when we first started, it was a bit touch and go, yet here we are- running at eight minute intervals annnnnnd she’s managing to hold a conversation. Still super slow, but as several people over the week had said- ‘slow & steady wins the race’.

By win, we mean finish.

In addition to the breathing, all her talking is good in that I have learned a little bit during each training session. For example, did you know that lots of women run races while wearing a tutu? My person laughs and says that if she had known that, she would’ve started running much sooner. I get the feeling that she is only partially kidding. She met up with this one friend who is a designer and seamstress. It was during ththeir walk/run, I found out that many of the people running in November will be in costume! They didn’t make any decisions as to what my person will be wearing exactly, but I do know that I will have some sort of component myself, and I am very excited to be included.

I am so hoping for something like this!

I am so hoping for something like this!

Another outing brought us together with some Sparrow’s Nest team members. During this run, I learned that almost every runner in this group has the same fears and self-doubt. One woman, who ran further & faster than any of us, feels the exact same we do most days- that we’re too slow, or that 13 miles is just too far to be possible. There is definitely something to be said about being surrounded by such similar creatures. It makes me hopeful that together, nothing will be impossible.

Even during an alone run, I still managed to learn something. Despite their reputation for quite the opposite, I have discovered that women can be very good to each other, like the teammates they really are. We were just barely finishing our very first eight minute interval, and realizing that doing it alone had NOT been a good choice. From within one of the cars in a line stopped at a red light came a young girl’s voice:

You, go, girl!

It was, literally, the most perfectly timed encouragement so far. When my person shared this tidbit with a running buddy, we found out that runners tend to have lots of interesting interactions and stories. May all of ours be as positive!