Ups & Downs- Life is Apparently like Running on Hills

Another Personal Training appointment at Gold’s Gym this morning, and I could barely fall asleep last night just thinking about our prior visit. My fears were somewhat alleviated when I first opened my eyelets to spy her making breakfast. Seriously, she was barely awake, still in her robe, preparing an early morning meal. She finished it too- an entire bowl of oatmeal with peanut butter, and bananas, and blueberries, and almond milk. A far cry from last week’s pre-workout ‘meal’ of a granola bar. Her gym bag now also houses lots of provisions in addition to water; a bottle of Gatorade, a slew of granola-like bars and a banana. The only thing missing is a salt lick.

By the time we arrived at the gym, I was feeling much more confident, because I could sense that she was. Having warmed up already, we were able to get right to the machines and Ronnie showed us how to use a few different ones to assist in building my person’s leg muscles. Right away, she said she could feel a difference in how it felt compared to last week. I noticed that she didn’t even reach for her water once, whereas last time, we did barely a third of the work and she had quite a bit before actually passing out. Lesson learned, breakfast IS important.

After we parted ways with Ronnie, off to help guide another person to meet their own fitness goals, we headed upstairs to the indoor track. Really? The past few, freezing, months we’ve been hitting the pavement and today, a cool finally spring-like day and we’ve got the option to run inside. I will say, at first, it was pretty cool. The track circles over half of the work-out area below and you can see a lot of what is going on, from the lower weight-lifting space and machine areas to inside several of the class rooms that were this morning home to an aerobic-type group and a spinning class (side note- I sooooo want to try that!). I have already noticed that for the most part, few of the people make eye contact during the whole of their work out. Not out of rudeness, they’re just concentrating on doing their own thing . So, when another runner joined in our pace, I was surprised. I was even more surprised when she & my person started chatting. It was hard to follow what was happening in their convo above me as her sneakers were crying. I did manage to figure out that they are Sparrow’s Nest teammates for the half marathon in the fall. I also deduced that she is far more advanced in her training than we are, and NOT just because she lapped us earlier, several times. Anything other than that though, I missed, because I was trying to figure understand just what her crying sneakers were so upset about. Except that it was then time for us to walk and they pulled ahead. Thankfully, our people continued with their conversation and with they’re having to yell to each other, I could catch the last of it.

“I definitely need new ones, I like to put it off as long as I can.”

To which my person, to my horror, replied,

“Your new sneakers will see Disney!”

Which would explain the tears. However, raises a ton of my own questions:
Why would she need new sneakers? Additional, sure, I get that, I guess, but new? How come her clearly loved and loyal ones get the ax? Before the Disney Half Marathon no less!
& what, exactly, happens to her sneakers? Where will they go?
Is that going to happen to me?
Ever? Aren’t we in this together, forever?
Am I going to get to participate in the race this fall? Is all this training for naught?

Yay, another sleepless night ahead, tossing & turning in box. Sigh.