Do you have a race day tradition? Maybe something you do each time to get yourself ready? Or, make plans to do afterwards?

My person is all about the traditions- the things she plans to psych herself up annnnd the after the running part was is over plans, to have something to look forward to, well, after the running part is over.

Before: complete and total outfit planning.
You can take the Vogue out of her hands (and replace it with the latest issue of Runner’s World) but you can’t take the Vogue out of the girl. There’s a look in mind and she plots very carefully to bring the vision to life. From top of head, to tip of me. November’s Wine & Dine Half meant wings and a tutu, because Disney. Next month’s United Airline’s NYC Half means something far more sophisticated, because Manhattan. I’ve only seen a few of the components she’s contemplating and I can’t wait to see it all pulled together. #flatrunner

After: relaxing and eating, probably the same as most other runners.
She may run alone, but afterwards, the celebrating is a team effort. Anyone that waits around in the freezing rain, or agrees to get up early without signing up to run 13.1 also deserves something to look forward to. Which brings my person and her bestie to the spa for some pampering and a long, laughter infused, several-course afternoon tea. Do you think port has the same redeeming qualities as a recovery beverage as does beer?

What are your race traditions, be them prep or recovery?


If Garmin didn’t track it, did the RUN even happen?

I love where we live. Granted, I don’t have much for comparison besides the mall, but the middle of nowhere usually suits me just fine. The roads we run are surrounded by trees, trees, trees and wild life. There’s a pond and a creek and farms galore. Not much can beat the sighting of deer, horses and/or cows.

Except, perhaps, ‘service’.

Not that I know what that exactly means. I just hear the word bandied about quite a bit, referring to an extreme lack of. Cell phones are often useless and apparently, GPS doesn’t always work either. My person has been known to take her car for a ride towards town in an effort to get her watch to detect her location. The timing of our run this weekend was such, with both the sun and snow set to begin their decent, that we took our chances that the signal would find us on the road.

Nope. Maybe we outran it #doubtful but whatever the case, no record of our run. No mileage saved. No pace timed.


sNOw more injuries

I have never been the kind of shoe to really care all that much about the weather. Maybe because I’m a girl. Or, maybe, because I started running at the very tail end of winter last year. Cold, but snow fall wasn’t much of an issue. Either way, has become one of the most visited websites in this house. I sometimes check it more than once a day.

Tomorrow’s high is expected to be 32 degrees. 32! To put my excitement into perspective, right now it’s 5 degrees. Monday is looking like low teens. With snow starting at some point tomorrow night. So, not only will we be able to get a run in before more snow arrives, my person won’t have to dress like a ninja to do so. I don’t know how she does it some days- sports bra, a compression-like tank top, 2 long sleeve tech tops, 2 pairs of leggings, knee-high compression socks, a down vest, ski hat, gloves and, the piece de resistance… a ginormous scarf covering her neck and half her face- leaving only her eyes visible. Seriously, I sometimes wonder how she can walk with all that on, no less run.

Not that walking was even so easy as late. She was limping around the house for almost two weeks. Between the weather and some sort of injury, there has barely been any training. I guess she hurt herself dancing? to some new, “it” band? I don’t know. What I do know, I am ready to get back out there. No matter how much stretching she now plans to do before hand.

it band

Vacation Day

The weather today is insane. There will be no long run. Even though we had planned to. Even though we had made arrangements to meet up with other shoes. The ground, as far as my eyelets can see from the front door is a continuous sheet of ice. This freezing rain shows no signs of stopping either. We have to learn to check the weather more often- when looking earlier in the week, the prediction was for 40 & clear. 40! I can NOT tell you how excited we were.

So, no running. Rather than cross or strength train, today has been deemed an off day. Naps, tea and the internet. Having gotten three runs in already this week, it seemed a likely choice. Especially since each of them sucked. Cold and hard, we never actually even like running while it is actually happening. That feeling gets replaced by love during, right?! When?!

Anyway, rather than dwell on this love/hate, I have spent the afternoon researching things nowhere near as important as training, but still, related- clothes and travel. As in what will she wear for the NYC Half? IN LESS THAN TWO MONTHS? Or, where will she and her ‘cheer team’ carb load for the NYC Half? IN LESS THAN TWO MONTHS? Which hotel looks best for them to stay? IN LESS THAN TWO MONTHS? What will they do in NY that Sunday afternoon, after the NYC HALF? IN LESS THAN TWO MONTHS?

OMG, we’re so not ready! No outfit decided, no hotel chosen or booked, no reservation at Becco made, no miles logged.

Long run tomorrow!

On the Same Page

I don’t know if I’ve told you before, but my person is obsessed with fashion. Seriously, the stacks of Vogues date further back than I do. It is not an unfamiliar sight to see her return from getting the mail and settling right into a new issue. The issue that arrived today, however, was so thin. With far fewer pictures. That didn’t stop her from losing an hour flipping through and reading, putting it down only to begin dinner.

Except it wasn’t Vogue, or W, or Harper’s Bazaar, or Elle, or InStyle…


I am so reading this as soon as she leaves the house.


Fourteen degrees.

Fourteen degrees, but dry & sunny.

& so, two pairs of pants, knee high socks (HOT MESS is right!), sports bra, tank top, long sleeve tech top (hot pink!), down vest, gloves, scarf (wrapped around her face, her FACE!) and a pom pom beanie hat later we were set to head out. The only visible part of her were her eyes.
photo (5)

As if she was going to be in direct contact with the pavement! Sigh. #diva

I have to say, as cold as it was, it was so nice to be out there. A quiet day, I could even hear the music from her iPod shuffle. She listens to crap, dance-y nonsense, but it was kinda nice to be able to follow along with the beat as we went. Her singing, on the other hand, which pops out once in a while, that is much less nice. Good thing it’s winter and few, if any, neighbors are out & about to hear it.

We didn’t go very long, or far, but the half hour we did spend running felt amazing. As did returning home to a still roaring fire in a woodstove, and two small, excited dogs to greet us.


Today was a mix of snow and freezing rain. A sheet of ice as far as my eyelets could see from my window seat perch. High winds whipped at the house and it wasn’t until late in the afternoon that the plow finally made a trip down our quiet country road.

All the while our new clothes sat quietly in their drawer. It’s like torture. I don’t even particularly like running. Especially while it’s happening! Maybe some after its all over. So, here I am, excited to head out and am thwarted by the weather. Yeah, yeah, a real runner runs in any weather. Hello?! Have I ever claimed to be a real runner?

Waiting is the hardest part…


He’s here! He’s here! What I wouldn’t give for a pair of thumbs right now. & a stepladder. Anything that would allow me to answer the door.

Though, really, imagine the UPS’s guy’s reaction to me signing for packages- thumbs or not, he’d freak!



Now, I can only wait for my person to return home, knowing that our packages are right there on the other side of the door!

Where is she anyway?


Hopefully not for winter running gear!

Dress the Part, and the Temperature

Shopping. The perfect winter sport- requiring only the couch, laptop, and a small square of plastic.

Prior to the new year, it had been cold, but really, that ball dropped more than twenty fifteen on us, it brought a chill factor far stronger than we were prepared for. Literally. One long sleeve moisture wicking top to be worn beneath a fleece is not going to cut it while training.

Hello, Target, nice to meet you. Thanks for the $10 discount off any purchase of fifty. My two new favorite words? Free. Shipping.

clothes hyperbole

Package set to arrive this weekend. I can not wait for my person to see all the new running clothes. She wears nothing but black, black, some white, a little navy and more black. Imagine her surprise when she opens the box to discover pink, orange and yellow. Blue, green and more pink, yellow. #bright