Mystery begets mystery. The package has been brought inside and opened. While the contents are no longer a mystery per se, I am still bewildered as to what they are doing here.

Yes, it’s shoes. Yup, they are running shoes. Uh huh, Asics.

Blue, size twelves’. Men’s size twelves to be exact.


What is my person, most definitely not a man, going to do with those? I mean, yes, it turns out that I am a wee bit too small, but there is no way she’d fit into these new sneakers.


Oh my God, of course! How did I not realize it earlier? They’re for her husband! #interesting

Still, a mystery. He, most decidedly, does not run.

I guess I’ll have to introduce myself and see what’s what. Plus, its the right thing to do, be friendly and all. You know, to be polite, not because he’s cute or anything. Nope. My friendliness has nothing, at all, to do with his limeade details. Nor does his gel rump factor in my decision to say hello. I didn’t even get close enough yet to even notice his royal blue eyelets either. #blush


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