OMG, I thought I would never get out of that bag!

Seriously. I’ve been in there for a week.

We finished the race and the next thing I knew, we were back at the hotel where I was unceremoniously dropped off. Not that I am complaining about that part- all I wanted to do was sleep! It’s just that the next morning, I was packed up to head home and I haven’t seen the outside of that luggage until just now. I knew that I did quite a number on her feet and so I figured she might be a little mad at me, but I didn’t think she’d be this upset. This week apart has given all the blisters a chance to heal and, thankfully, allowed her some time to cool down… and forgive me. Though, I hardly see us putting in many more miles together. Turns out that all along, I am the wrong size. We’re both pretty lucky that I didn’t do more damage together. For all her research, you think she’d have realized much sooner that running shoes need to be purchased in at least a half size larger- to avoid the very blood blisters and blackened toe nails that are healing as I type. So, I guess my retirement plans have been kicked up a notch, and my next project will be finding my replacement rather than any training. The good news is, I have a year of experience behind me to make a more educated decision based on something other than price and availability.


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