“Who has a race jacket?”

I would’ve thought the question would be more like, “who doesn’t have a race jacket?”!

Except, apparently, I would be wrong. I know, I’m just as shocked as you.

A long time fashionista, my person is still so green when it comes to running. #nojudgement I’m just as much of a newbie. So, that cute, well thought out outfit -nope! The weather is looking like upper 40s, lower 50s and during a random, “ohhh, I don’t want to toss my new (super beautiful) jacket into the streets, never to be seen again” conversation, she learned that fancy, new stuff is a no no. Further research revealed that yes, many runners wear not-so-favorite outer layers that they can sacrifice, guilt free, to the pavement and subsequently, those in need (many races collect discarded clothing for donation).

Sigh. Poor flat runner was going to look stunning!
… back to the drawing board.

The bright side, those gorgeous navy on navy paisley embossed leggings and their matching, chic jacket will still see NYC! Sunday, November 1st. I will most likely be retired from running by then but was not planning on missing out on the volunteering with the New York Road Runners for the TCS NYC Marathon when my person does so now, at least, we have an outfit! Because, priorities. #diva


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