Eek! A bug!

It’s been slightly warmer the past few days. Slightly. By no means would I mean to suggest that Spring has arrived. I certainly wouldn’t imagine that insects have descended on us just yet. I’m often surprised to see the deer out and about while on runs, no less a bug. However, I know enough by now to know that there is so much I don’t know… Charlie is a small horse?! Really? None of you thought to set me straight?!

Anyway. Bugs, I was talking about bugs. Seems that despite the frigid temps and seemingly never ending snow falls, there is at least one of them; flying around, wreaking havoc and infection. I don’t know much, other than it’s bite causes, for lack of a better word, insanity. I know that because my person was bit. And now, she is crazy. Crazier? No red bumps. No itching. No swelling or otherwise outward sign.

But the crazy! Ohhhhh, the crazy. We’re 8 days away from a half marathon neither of us is confident about participating in. Yes, 8! Just over a week from that race and what do I find out? She has gone and registered for another race… See? C R A Z Y !

Another half marathon. Roughly 100 days to train. I have got to get my aglets on a fly swatter.


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