I have spent the last few nights tossing and turning in box, completely unable to sleep. The thoughts that keep me awake alternate between the number of days left to run NYC (9!! OMG, only nine!), and my remaining running days being numbered, in general. The miles I’ve logged with my person are numerous and retirement is something I need to seriously consider.

I’m not even sure which is more frightening, the thought of another race or, the thought of never running another. What about my person? How can I leave her after all we’ve been through together? What will she do without me there to cushion her steps? As plentiful as the shoes are here, none of them are athletes and even though they mean well, beautiful high heels have little usable advise. Nor are they capable of stepping in to fill my self. I think my energies following next weekend’s finish line will focused on solving this dilemma. By that point, I’ll no longer have 13.1 looming ahead and can really concentrate. #brightside


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