Do you have a race day tradition? Maybe something you do each time to get yourself ready? Or, make plans to do afterwards?

My person is all about the traditions- the things she plans to psych herself up annnnd the after the running part was is over plans, to have something to look forward to, well, after the running part is over.

Before: complete and total outfit planning.
You can take the Vogue out of her hands (and replace it with the latest issue of Runner’s World) but you can’t take the Vogue out of the girl. There’s a look in mind and she plots very carefully to bring the vision to life. From top of head, to tip of me. November’s Wine & Dine Half meant wings and a tutu, because Disney. Next month’s United Airline’s NYC Half means something far more sophisticated, because Manhattan. I’ve only seen a few of the components she’s contemplating and I can’t wait to see it all pulled together. #flatrunner

After: relaxing and eating, probably the same as most other runners.
She may run alone, but afterwards, the celebrating is a team effort. Anyone that waits around in the freezing rain, or agrees to get up early without signing up to run 13.1 also deserves something to look forward to. Which brings my person and her bestie to the spa for some pampering and a long, laughter infused, several-course afternoon tea. Do you think port has the same redeeming qualities as a recovery beverage as does beer?

What are your race traditions, be them prep or recovery?

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