If Garmin didn’t track it, did the RUN even happen?

I love where we live. Granted, I don’t have much for comparison besides the mall, but the middle of nowhere usually suits me just fine. The roads we run are surrounded by trees, trees, trees and wild life. There’s a pond and a creek and farms galore. Not much can beat the sighting of deer, horses and/or cows.

Except, perhaps, ‘service’.

Not that I know what that exactly means. I just hear the word bandied about quite a bit, referring to an extreme lack of. Cell phones are often useless and apparently, GPS doesn’t always work either. My person has been known to take her car for a ride towards town in an effort to get her watch to detect her location. The timing of our run this weekend was such, with both the sun and snow set to begin their decent, that we took our chances that the signal would find us on the road.

Nope. Maybe we outran it #doubtful but whatever the case, no record of our run. No mileage saved. No pace timed.


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