sNOw more injuries

I have never been the kind of shoe to really care all that much about the weather. Maybe because I’m a girl. Or, maybe, because I started running at the very tail end of winter last year. Cold, but snow fall wasn’t much of an issue. Either way, has become one of the most visited websites in this house. I sometimes check it more than once a day.

Tomorrow’s high is expected to be 32 degrees. 32! To put my excitement into perspective, right now it’s 5 degrees. Monday is looking like low teens. With snow starting at some point tomorrow night. So, not only will we be able to get a run in before more snow arrives, my person won’t have to dress like a ninja to do so. I don’t know how she does it some days- sports bra, a compression-like tank top, 2 long sleeve tech tops, 2 pairs of leggings, knee-high compression socks, a down vest, ski hat, gloves and, the piece de resistance… a ginormous scarf covering her neck and half her face- leaving only her eyes visible. Seriously, I sometimes wonder how she can walk with all that on, no less run.

Not that walking was even so easy as late. She was limping around the house for almost two weeks. Between the weather and some sort of injury, there has barely been any training. I guess she hurt herself dancing? to some new, “it” band? I don’t know. What I do know, I am ready to get back out there. No matter how much stretching she now plans to do before hand.

it band

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