Vacation Day

The weather today is insane. There will be no long run. Even though we had planned to. Even though we had made arrangements to meet up with other shoes. The ground, as far as my eyelets can see from the front door is a continuous sheet of ice. This freezing rain shows no signs of stopping either. We have to learn to check the weather more often- when looking earlier in the week, the prediction was for 40 & clear. 40! I can NOT tell you how excited we were.

So, no running. Rather than cross or strength train, today has been deemed an off day. Naps, tea and the internet. Having gotten three runs in already this week, it seemed a likely choice. Especially since each of them sucked. Cold and hard, we never actually even like running while it is actually happening. That feeling gets replaced by love during, right?! When?!

Anyway, rather than dwell on this love/hate, I have spent the afternoon researching things nowhere near as important as training, but still, related- clothes and travel. As in what will she wear for the NYC Half? IN LESS THAN TWO MONTHS? Or, where will she and her ‘cheer team’ carb load for the NYC Half? IN LESS THAN TWO MONTHS? Which hotel looks best for them to stay? IN LESS THAN TWO MONTHS? What will they do in NY that Sunday afternoon, after the NYC HALF? IN LESS THAN TWO MONTHS?

OMG, we’re so not ready! No outfit decided, no hotel chosen or booked, no reservation at Becco made, no miles logged.

Long run tomorrow!

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