New Year, New Goals

Many of you may recall that last year I was preparing to run the Disney Wine & Dine Half in November for charity… The good news, my person raised well over goal for a local organization tasked with feeding the families of moms who are fighting cancer. The not-so-good news? Though we have a medal that says otherwise (not that she has ever put it on), there was no completion of the 13.1 miles through the cold and rain. Cold, and rain- in the happiest place on earth. Ugh. It was not pretty, nor was there any point that I was thinking, “wow, is this fun or what?” Puddles, puddles everywhere. About mile 5, I had decided that I had had enough. Around mile 7, so did my person and just before mile 9 we ran together to the awaiting van along the side of the course. Warm and dry, and no regrets about the decision either. Fundraising completed, the main goal of the initiative had been reached- with the added bonus of a foundation to becoming a runner in place.

I take you now to present day. Well, to the beginning of December, anyway.
The NY Road Runner races are notoriously difficult to participate in- they are so popular that in addition to strict guidelines for automatic eligibility, one must either enter into a lottery, or raise money for charity in order to secure a place. My person doesn’t exactly have ‘luck’ written all over her so while I was jazzed at the idea that we would continue to run, I had no concerns about having to run 13.1 miles though New York City when she entered into the lottery.

She won.

nyc half banner

March 15th, it is so coming.

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