It Has Begun.

I know, I know, you’ve been dying to hear about our first work out with Kings of Fitness and I made you wait. If I tell you that I was my laces were too sore for typing will you forgive me, or think me a wimp?

If you’re wondering where I stand on that matter- wimp. I didn’t walk into that gym expecting that my person and I would break any records, but I was in no way prepared for how hard it was. Annnnnd, I am pretty sure that Lauren went somewhat easy on us. We started out with foam rolling, which is awkward, but at least easy enough. Breaking out in a sweat before we were done made it even more satisfying.

our new best friend

our new best friend

Once warmed up, we were directed into what a rational mind would consider a nine-minute circuit. Three exercises, each done for a minute, three times. Even accounting for breathing (panting) / hydrating (guzzling) breaks- ten, eleven minute tops, right? Nope. I don’t care what the timer says, or the fact that the clock agreed- those reps were h o u r s long. Hours.

Wall Sit, Plank, Alternating Supermans. Repeat. Cry as necessary.

Next, Lauren hooked me into straps hung from the ceiling, like giant elastic swings for feet! Only they weren’t exactly fun, and I wasn’t even doing the ‘heavy lifting’ as it were. My person had the job of keeping her hips off the group while she pulled in me close. Repeatedly.

We then moved to additional straps attached to the ceiling, for the hands this time, which served to keep her somewhat in alignment in a series of squats and rows.

Finally, I settled my rumps into a bosu-ball.

my fave gym equipment, ever

my fave gym equipment, ever

More of a half ball, this served as a cushion for yours truly while my person continued her workout. I could totally get used to this! In fact, when Nicole checked to be sure she was to leave me on before putting her feet on top, I could’ve kicked her, had positioning been right. Thankfully, Lauren assured her (us!) that I was allowed to stay on, affording me a comfortable resting place before carrying us back to the car.

I was super excited for it to be over and having overheard the parting convo between the ladies, I knew we had a week off.
Except that we don’t. Crazy, as I sometimes like to call my person, has every intention of repeating this workout every other day. With rest days in between, right? Nope. “Cardio” I’ve counted more than once, somehow there are more than 4 letters in that word. That seems incorrect somehow.

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