Big (Early) Day Tomorrow

I thought she’d never get off the computer! In the early morning, throughout the day, even super late at night. She’s taking classes on line and for some reason she though a full course load was a good idea for the summer. Fourteen credits. I feel like the printer has been running for days and when she isn’t tying up the laptop, the times I see her without a book, binder & pen in hand are few and far between.

I will say that when I do see her online, her posture is excellent. Or, at least, far better than it was. I don’t know if she is making a conscience effort to sit up straighter, if the chiropractic work done so far makes it easier or a combination of both but I see a difference. The twice weekly visits to Dr. Erik must be making a difference, Lauren of Kings of Fitness has conferred with him and they’ve decided that it is time to start really working out. I’m pretty nervous, and I know she is too- but whatever gets us closer to running again can’t be all bad, right? Guess we’ll find out- 8am appointment tomorrow morning…

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