I don’t know how much longer I can take. I have been in box for weeks. Now, I love sleep as much as the next shoe but even I have had enough lazing around. Since the ban on running, I have barely seen my person.

Thankfully, I am pretty friendly with her new go-to shoes, a hi-tech pair of flip flops. Seriously, they just might have more support that I do! Add sequins and I totally get the fascination.

Meet Glitz Fitflop, the fanciest of casual footwear.

Meet Glitz Fitflop, the fanciest of casual footwear.

At first, jealousy got the best of me and I thought Glitz would be, well, a bitch, but really- she is so nice and down to earth that we’ve already become actual friends. Which is two good things, a- it is always nice to have a new friend and b- she manages to keep me abreast of all that I am not longer privy to from the confines of the closet… like the appointment with Dr. Erik of True North Chiropractic last week.

Glitz spent the whole of their meeting from an excellent vantage point and relayed to me all that she saw and heard. Kiel & Lauren, of Kings of Fitness were there too! Not for me person’s appointment or anything, just coincidentally, but I heard they were happy to see her there. In fact, at one point, Kiel asked her if she’d been making it to her Learn-to-Sessions! Glitz said even she was taken aback and that she could feel Nicole’s feet tense when she replied,

No! But… but, I thought you said I wasn’t supposed to be running?!

That’s right! You’re not. Glad to see you’re listening.

It was totally a test! Which, thankfully, she aced. I don’t know if I would consider the rest of the appointment to have been as successful- the doctor’s assessment was much in line with Kiel’s and agreed with the no running! At least for a while. I heard that they spoke for a long time about how Nicole’s body was out of alignment and how chiropractic adjustments would help expedite her recovery and training program. The bright side? He was confident that in conjunction with Kiel and Lauren- they’d have us back together; in even better shape than we had started, in no time! Glitz went on to describe the adjustment process to me as well… I am still not really sure what exactly went on, I am almost positive she got a lot of it incorrect and will wait until I (hopefully!) get to witness it for myself before expounding on it here. There are two appointments scheduled for this week, laces crossed that I get to attend one of them!

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