I miss running. I miss bonding with my person. I miss meeting up with her friends and their shoes- Strength, Quiet & Fabulous, for a workout and a chat. I know that she’s seen them since ‘the diagnosis’ but if running isn’t on the agenda, I get left behind.

I should probably now admit a terrible thing…

I read her email.

I didn’t hack into it. I didn’t even intend to do it. She happened to have left it open. I just didn’t happen to do the right thing and close it. I didn’t even happen to do the somewhat right thing and not read it!

I will say I didn’t read through all of them. In fact, I only read a single ‘thread’, if you will. Thankfully, the one I was most interested in was clearly marked by subject: “Referred by Kings of Fitness”. Otherwise, I am not quite sure how I would’ve found the one Kiel had been so adamant she send as soon as she was able.

It was to a Dr. Erik and he is a chiropractor. This is where google comes in… Chiropractic is a method of health care that focuses on finding and correcting the cause(s) of certain health concerns, rather than focusing solely upon managing the presenting symptoms. It deals with musculoskeletal issues that involve the nervous system. I read that when an imbalance exists in any or all of these areas, the body’s ability to adapt and improve is diminished. I don’t know where Nicole’s imbalance(s) exist but from the little I have overheard since our meeting with Kings of Fitness, this makes perfect sense. Reading the exchange with Dr. Erik, though not something I am especially proud of, did help me understand a bit more about what the game plan is. They are going to meet next week to discuss all of Kiel’s findings- he has shared them with the doctor already, and answer the 101 questions my person has. I have my laces crossed that they are similar to my own 101 questions annnnnd that I get to come to the appointment with her and hear the answers for myself.

Until then, it’s planks & crunches & squats -oh my!

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