Month: May 2014

It Has Begun.

I know, I know, you’ve been dying to hear about our first work out with Kings of Fitness and I made you wait. If I tell you that I was my laces were too sore for typing will you forgive me, or think me a wimp?

If you’re wondering where I stand on that matter- wimp. I didn’t walk into that gym expecting that my person and I would break any records, but I was in no way prepared for how hard it was. Annnnnd, I am pretty sure that Lauren went somewhat easy on us. We started out with foam rolling, which is awkward, but at least easy enough. Breaking out in a sweat before we were done made it even more satisfying.

our new best friend

our new best friend

Once warmed up, we were directed into what a rational mind would consider a nine-minute circuit. Three exercises, each done for a minute, three times. Even accounting for breathing (panting) / hydrating (guzzling) breaks- ten, eleven minute tops, right? Nope. I don’t care what the timer says, or the fact that the clock agreed- those reps were h o u r s long. Hours.

Wall Sit, Plank, Alternating Supermans. Repeat. Cry as necessary.

Next, Lauren hooked me into straps hung from the ceiling, like giant elastic swings for feet! Only they weren’t exactly fun, and I wasn’t even doing the ‘heavy lifting’ as it were. My person had the job of keeping her hips off the group while she pulled in me close. Repeatedly.

We then moved to additional straps attached to the ceiling, for the hands this time, which served to keep her somewhat in alignment in a series of squats and rows.

Finally, I settled my rumps into a bosu-ball.

my fave gym equipment, ever

my fave gym equipment, ever

More of a half ball, this served as a cushion for yours truly while my person continued her workout. I could totally get used to this! In fact, when Nicole checked to be sure she was to leave me on before putting her feet on top, I could’ve kicked her, had positioning been right. Thankfully, Lauren assured her (us!) that I was allowed to stay on, affording me a comfortable resting place before carrying us back to the car.

I was super excited for it to be over and having overheard the parting convo between the ladies, I knew we had a week off.
Except that we don’t. Crazy, as I sometimes like to call my person, has every intention of repeating this workout every other day. With rest days in between, right? Nope. “Cardio” I’ve counted more than once, somehow there are more than 4 letters in that word. That seems incorrect somehow.


Big (Early) Day Tomorrow

I thought she’d never get off the computer! In the early morning, throughout the day, even super late at night. She’s taking classes on line and for some reason she though a full course load was a good idea for the summer. Fourteen credits. I feel like the printer has been running for days and when she isn’t tying up the laptop, the times I see her without a book, binder & pen in hand are few and far between.

I will say that when I do see her online, her posture is excellent. Or, at least, far better than it was. I don’t know if she is making a conscience effort to sit up straighter, if the chiropractic work done so far makes it easier or a combination of both but I see a difference. The twice weekly visits to Dr. Erik must be making a difference, Lauren of Kings of Fitness has conferred with him and they’ve decided that it is time to start really working out. I’m pretty nervous, and I know she is too- but whatever gets us closer to running again can’t be all bad, right? Guess we’ll find out- 8am appointment tomorrow morning…

She who laughs at Glitz…

…must apologize.

I totally owe Glitz an apology. I completely doubted her description of a chiropractic adjustement. I didn’t think she was lying or anything so sinister, I just assumed (I know, I know- when will I learn about doing that?!) she somehow misunderstood. She did not.

I don’t know if it was all my obsessing or what but this morning, when my person was selecting the day’s footwear, rather than slip out the door with Glitz in tow (toe? ha ha)she pulled me out of my box instead. I would like to believe that she misses me too. Either way, I was happy to go- both being interested in whatever day she planned and in spending some much missed time with my person.

Just as I had wished for, we headed to, True North Chiropractic, where I got to “meet” this Dr. Erik. Not that we were formally introduced, and I was taken off relatively early in the session and so couldn’t even introduce myself to his shoes (dress, black, loafers). From my vantage point on the floor, I was able to watch as my person stepped up to this treatment stand of sorts…
chiropractic table
… like, face first into it. She had taken off her glasses so I wasn’t sure if maybe she hadn’t (somehow) seen it, but then he pulled some level, or pushed some button and all of a sudden, the contraption lowered itself into a table position.

From there, it just got weirder. He placed these small blocks beneath her hips at irregular heights to counteract the fact that one leg was slightly higher than the other. Something I made a note to try and discern for myself later when we were reunited. With all that went on after that, I totally forgot to do so. I hope to remember next time she wears me. The beginning seemed much like a massage, while he palpated the muscles in her shoulders. I was at the foot end and judging from her toes- it wasn’t the gentlest of touch, though she didn’t cry out or otherwise complain so it couldn’t have been too uncomfortable. After that, he would place his hands at various points of her back and after asking for a deep breath in, on the out of which he would press down what appears to be really hard, like, until we all heard an actual pop. The first time, I swear to you, I thought he’d broken her. Thankfully, I remembered giggling when Glitz had relayed to me that exact feeling (sorry about that too, girlfriend!) Once Dr. Erik finished with her back, he had her lay sideways on that odd table, explaining that he had a ‘no fall’ policy and that she would NOT be the one to break his streak. If that wasn’t precarious enough, he then manually positioned each of her limbs as well as her head into what looked to be a super uncomfortable position and he then used his body weight to do whatever it was that produced that popping sound. After this took place on both of her sides, she then lay supine on the table, while he sat in a small stool behind her, head in his hands. He again seemed to be massaging her muscles when, what seemed to me to be out of nowhere, he quickly, for lack of a better word, whipped her head to one side. Again, I was completely taken aback by what seemed like violence, but from her reaction, none, it clearly didn’t hurt, or even surprise her. From the little I know of my person, I wouldn’t say she has a particularly high tolerance of pain, or even discomfort. I was still digesting what I’d seen when he repeated the action, in the other direction.

Really, I’d guesstimate that the whole appointment lasted less than a half hour and it was the oddest thing I have ever witnessed. Odd in that they chatted about random things all the while, punctuated every so often by the doctor’s treatment-related questions or explanations. Odd in that she had very little reaction to what appeared to be painful, in fact, she expressed great satisfaction at the end of the visit. Odd in that even though she hadn’t felt any discomfort prior to her first coming to see him, she felt better somehow. She mentioned that she’d been trying to make an effort to improve her posture all weekend and that it seemed an easier goal now somehow. Maybe its because I don’t have bones. Or muscles. Or ligaments. I have a feeling that chiropractic care is a person thing and if you aren’t one, you’re not going to really understand. I guess what really matters is not that I understand, but that she does annnnd that she is getting into shape the healthiest way possible.


I don’t know how much longer I can take. I have been in box for weeks. Now, I love sleep as much as the next shoe but even I have had enough lazing around. Since the ban on running, I have barely seen my person.

Thankfully, I am pretty friendly with her new go-to shoes, a hi-tech pair of flip flops. Seriously, they just might have more support that I do! Add sequins and I totally get the fascination.

Meet Glitz Fitflop, the fanciest of casual footwear.

Meet Glitz Fitflop, the fanciest of casual footwear.

At first, jealousy got the best of me and I thought Glitz would be, well, a bitch, but really- she is so nice and down to earth that we’ve already become actual friends. Which is two good things, a- it is always nice to have a new friend and b- she manages to keep me abreast of all that I am not longer privy to from the confines of the closet… like the appointment with Dr. Erik of True North Chiropractic last week.

Glitz spent the whole of their meeting from an excellent vantage point and relayed to me all that she saw and heard. Kiel & Lauren, of Kings of Fitness were there too! Not for me person’s appointment or anything, just coincidentally, but I heard they were happy to see her there. In fact, at one point, Kiel asked her if she’d been making it to her Learn-to-Sessions! Glitz said even she was taken aback and that she could feel Nicole’s feet tense when she replied,

No! But… but, I thought you said I wasn’t supposed to be running?!

That’s right! You’re not. Glad to see you’re listening.

It was totally a test! Which, thankfully, she aced. I don’t know if I would consider the rest of the appointment to have been as successful- the doctor’s assessment was much in line with Kiel’s and agreed with the no running! At least for a while. I heard that they spoke for a long time about how Nicole’s body was out of alignment and how chiropractic adjustments would help expedite her recovery and training program. The bright side? He was confident that in conjunction with Kiel and Lauren- they’d have us back together; in even better shape than we had started, in no time! Glitz went on to describe the adjustment process to me as well… I am still not really sure what exactly went on, I am almost positive she got a lot of it incorrect and will wait until I (hopefully!) get to witness it for myself before expounding on it here. There are two appointments scheduled for this week, laces crossed that I get to attend one of them!


Still no running. My person finally accepted this as fact and emailed the Learn to Run facilitator to let her know we weren’t simply ditching the training sessions, or, gasp! giving up. She explained that these next few weeks would hopefully be a small glitch in our long term goals and as soon as we were cleared to begin training, we’d be back ‘on track’ -pun completely intended.

I don’t know the name of the woman who headed up the group and acted as lead mentor, but I have met her shoes, Positive, and so I knew she’d be supportive. What I hadn’t expected was just how so… She promised to save one of the medals we’d have been running for if allowed to participate in the race later this month and present it to us upon completion of our first 5K. Even I got a little teary eyed at that, and I’m no where near as emotional as my person- ole waterworks herself.


I already knew that the running sneaker community is comprised of the type of shoes that welcome “newbies” with open laces. It’s nice to be consistently reminded by the actions of their people that they too are friendly and outgoing, and that they enjoy helping those new to this sport in any way that they can. So many people think that that runners are snotty, or stuck up, that they look down their noses at anyone who doesn’t make putting a few (or many) miles in each day a priority. Those people couldn’t be more wrong.


I miss running. I miss bonding with my person. I miss meeting up with her friends and their shoes- Strength, Quiet & Fabulous, for a workout and a chat. I know that she’s seen them since ‘the diagnosis’ but if running isn’t on the agenda, I get left behind.

I should probably now admit a terrible thing…

I read her email.

I didn’t hack into it. I didn’t even intend to do it. She happened to have left it open. I just didn’t happen to do the right thing and close it. I didn’t even happen to do the somewhat right thing and not read it!

I will say I didn’t read through all of them. In fact, I only read a single ‘thread’, if you will. Thankfully, the one I was most interested in was clearly marked by subject: “Referred by Kings of Fitness”. Otherwise, I am not quite sure how I would’ve found the one Kiel had been so adamant she send as soon as she was able.

It was to a Dr. Erik and he is a chiropractor. This is where google comes in… Chiropractic is a method of health care that focuses on finding and correcting the cause(s) of certain health concerns, rather than focusing solely upon managing the presenting symptoms. It deals with musculoskeletal issues that involve the nervous system. I read that when an imbalance exists in any or all of these areas, the body’s ability to adapt and improve is diminished. I don’t know where Nicole’s imbalance(s) exist but from the little I have overheard since our meeting with Kings of Fitness, this makes perfect sense. Reading the exchange with Dr. Erik, though not something I am especially proud of, did help me understand a bit more about what the game plan is. They are going to meet next week to discuss all of Kiel’s findings- he has shared them with the doctor already, and answer the 101 questions my person has. I have my laces crossed that they are similar to my own 101 questions annnnnd that I get to come to the appointment with her and hear the answers for myself.

Until then, it’s planks & crunches & squats -oh my!