“I Wanna Be Down With the Kiiiiiing(s)” -RUN D.M.C.

When the alarm went off at 7am, I knew it couldn’t be good. There was no snooze button attack either- up & out of bed. Uh oh. Breakfast, shower and on our way by 7:30…

Uh oh is right. Though there is no sign immediately visible when we pull into the parking lot, I know where we are. I spy the signage on the door as we approach, yup. Strength’s person trains here, and she is no slouch in the fitness department. We are so not ready for this!

kings of fitness hv

Owned by husband & wife team, Kiel and Lauren, Kings of Fitness’s mission is to train, motivate and inspire individuals to lead healthier and more active lifestyles. That doesn’t quite prepare you for the knowledge and experience these two share with their clients. Lauren is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, a ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, a Certified Trigger Point Therapy and is certified in American Heart Association CPR & AED. She studies martial arts and trains like a king. Seriously, check out the videos on their site. Kiel, a retired Army Captain holds an MS in Exercise Science and is a NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), a NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES), a NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES), a NASM Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning Specialist (MMACS), a US Army Master Fitness Trainer, a Advanced Exercise Nutrition (AEN), a Certified Trigger Point Therapy and is Certified in American Heart Association CPR & AED. I repeat, a US Army Master Fitness Trainer. & we have an 8:30am appointment?!

They immediately got down to business and I was so nervous that when Kiel asked Nicole to remove her shoes that I think I audibly sighed with relief. Though no one noticed, I need to be more on the ball when it comes to possibly outing myself. For the rest of the assessment, I sat quietly on the mat and watched as she did squats, arms above her head. Kiel slowly circled, watching how each part moved- individually and in conjunction with the rest of her. Gayla, a former client turned NASM Certified Personal Trainer stood nearby, clipboard in hand, and made notes as he called out his observations. I lost count of the squats but it couldn’t have been too many and they were done before I knew it. Kiel began to explain his findings and so much of it was above my toe box. Big, science-y words that I didn’t understand floated above me and then, a sentence that made total sense.

No more running for a while.

It made total sense in that it was English. Six small words, that weigh a ton. Was he teasing? Some sort of joke? No. He found way too many issues during the assessment. Basically, she is an injury waiting to happen.

The bright side- he is confident that they can fix it, her. It’s going to take time. & some hard work. Like, harder than we originally anticipated this journey would be. But, at the end, we’ll be so much better off and far healthier than we might’ve had he not intervened.

The ladies were discussing next steps and because I was straining to hear them, I hadn’t noticed Kiel approach and before I realized what was happening, he was lifting me up and placing me on a higher platform. He took a few steps back and I felt a smidgen of what Nicole had felt during her squats. He studied my heels and even though I knew he was looking through trainers’ eyes to see how she landed each step, I was still uncomfortable with him starting at my heels. They are not my favorite feature! I mean really, how many girls are happy with their backsides? So, with all my obsessing over the size of my rear, I totally missed out on what would be happening once we left the studio. Something about an email. A super important one- I don’t know to who or about what but Kiel emphasized that it go out immediately. I have a feeling it will. It’s not every day we get orders from a retired Army Captain. Yet, anyway.

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