Running on the Brain, and, well, Socks too

I’m sure that from the outside it appears as if it has always been the case but I am officially obsessed with running. When is our next run? Who is joining us? Where will we go? How long? How far? How fast? It’s as if each run is its own reason for that day. We’re still only on intervals and to those who have been running for a while, its most likely child’s play, but to us- nine minutes at a time is harder than it sounds. An actual accomplishment.

When we’re not running, a lot of my person’s activities are still run-focused. Between gym visits, training meetings, food intake obsessing and making lofty goals for races in the future as well as fundraising for the half in November- which I had so better get to attend! An afternoon of wine tasting and prizes. Prizes! So far, Jewelry and Wine and Gift Certificates for Restaurants and a Gym membership annnnnnd socks! You KNOW how I love socks! Super cools one too. The company that graciously donated them, The Sox Box, also donated a pair for us to rock during races. How awesome is that? I was looking at their website earlier and it is going to be a tough choice, every pair is fabulous. In fact, take a look and let me know which pair you think we should get!


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