Wanna Race?

Apparently, we do! In exactly one month from today, we will be running in our very first race- a 5K! While this is equal parts exciting and terrifying, I am also concerned- is she going to up, ready and at the starting line by 8:10? AM? As in the morning? Having already had breakfast? Hmmmmmm.

Anyone out there reading this from within the Hudson Valley? Care to join us? I would love to see you and I am sure my person feels the same. Saturday, May 17th on the Dutchess County Rail Trail. For more information and to sign up, please visit the Mid-Hudson Road Runners Club site.

I don’t know if its the 5K looming ahead, or if she is falling in love with running, but there has definitely been a step up in our training. Not that I am complaining- as hard as each session is as a beginner, it makes the following one slightly easier. If you had asked me a few weeks ago, I never, ever thought we’d be capable of what we did during this evening’s Learn To Run session- walk for 2 minutes, run for
n i n e
m i n u t e s,
walk for two minute, run for ANOTHER
n i n e
w h o l e
m i n u t e s,
walk for two minutes and then, a gift! walk for only eight minutes! But we did, and for the most part, she managed to keep up her end of the conversations going on around us the whole time. Panting and sweaty? You bet! But mission completed. It makes me look forward to the next run, the next week, next (OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD!) month!


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