What a (Sun)day!

Seriously, I thought she would never get off the computer! My person has been on-line for what feels like forever. Though really, its been like two days. Annnnnnnd, technically, it is her computer. But I had a great Sunday and have been itching to share!

We were out of the house early, which you know by now is a rarity, and she had herself a heavy breakfast so I knew she was planning a strenuous morning and wasn’t at all surprised when we exited the car to find us at Gold’s Gym. Only we didn’t head for the entrance, but towards the rear of the parking lot. Just beyond the fence line, there was a group of about dozen pairs of sneakers and their people. One pair stood out and after a moment I recognized them as those belonging to Ronnie, the personal trainer. She was leading the rest in a series of stretches and explaining that we would all be heading out on what I then realized was a paved trail, fifteen minutes out and then another fifteen back for a total of a half hour. Her further explanations lead me to understand that the shoes surrounding us were a sampling of the team mates for the half marathon in November and that this was one of several training sessions to follow in an effort to prepare, and to get to know one another. She said that we didn’t have to run, this time anyway, and I was concerned- my person can be pretty chatty and I was hoping that she wouldn’t put that above taking advantage of the opportunity to get a run in. Especially because the weather was perfect. A few more stretches and every one began to pair off and head up the path. I worried for naught,We wound up coupled with a lovely pair of grey and teal Asics who were down with the three & half minute walk/seven minute run times three session we would be indulging in if we’d be home. She told me that typically they do much shorter intervals of walking vs. running and while she seemed nervous at first to venture away from what she referred to as the Galloway method, claiming to not yet be ready to make it 7 minutes at a time, but she held her own. In fact, if the chatter from above is any indication, both of our peeps did just as well. We finished up with a group stretch and all agreed to meet again next week, same time/same place. I heard that this trail, which was converted into a multi-use path from a defunct train track goes on for like, ever and am looking forward to exploring even more of it! I got the feeling that the shoes we paired up with belong to a person mine already knows well and that she & I will be spending lots of time together.

The run had gone so well and the weather was so pleasant that I had already enjoyed a perfect morning and would’ve been happy enough had we headed straight home as usual when her husband picked us up, but to my surprise, when we got out of the car again we weren’t home, but in another, larger parking lot. The mall! I hadn’t been back here in quite some time- I am not the sneakers that get to go on errands, ever, so I was extra excited that when my person did decide to indulge me, it was to here! First stop, yup, the department store- where only a few short months ago, my story began. The two of them were discussing the very thing I have been obsessing over since our last Learn to Run session- the mileage at which running shoes get ::gulp:: replaced. I didn’t learn much more about it either, other than that she is equally freaked out about it. From what I gather, the plan is to get another pair and switch back & forth between us for training. She did some guesstimating and it’s looking like her training plans together with races (!) she hopes to run over the next few months will put me dangerously close to ‘too many miles’ to participate at Disney. I am trying to think positively but I have to admit, I am still uber nervous about the whole thing. I mean, what if she likes this new pair better? I know, I know, I have to have more confidence and not be so ‘girl’ about it, but I can’t help it. I AM a girl, you know?

Anyway, I guess she found a pair that she really liked from, you guessed it, the clearance rack. They didn’t get them though, which did make me feel a little better. I mean, with me, it was like an instant decision, she knew immediately that she had to have me. So, I guess I should just wait & see what happens. At least I learned that she feels the same as I do annnnd she is looking for an acceptable solution.

We hit a few more stores, none of them shoe, and then back in the car. I was completely blown away when we again exited the car again- beautiful, yes, but definitely not home. Lots of rolling hill with a pond and what appeared to be a horse in the distance. We entered one of three charming buildings on the property and were promptly greeted by a smell none too familiar and very inviting- like fruit, only better. There were glass bottles every where and a motif of grapes was prevalent- which could totally explain the smell. A tall, very ladylike woman invited us to have a seat and the two of them chatted for a long while about coming back in a few weeks time for an event. I think its a party of sorts, to raise more money towards our Sparrow’s Nest goals for the run in November. It sounded like its going to be lots of fun and I have all of my laces crossed that I get to attend!

Such an jam packed day! I was relieved when the next stop actually was home.


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