A Horse Named Charley

My person is definitely an animal person. Like a vegetarian animal lover- she doesn’t eat read meat, chicken, pork or fish. And, if I understand correctly, she’s now attempting to give up the by-products of animals as well- whatever those are. I know “cheese” is one, she keeps lamenting about how she misses cheese!

It goes deeper than not eating animals. There are two tiny dogs running around the house. Very cute. Very, very crazy. Not that I mind them, neither seems to be of the shoe chewing variety- I’m pretty sure that would not fly here, us shoes are plentiful and also very much loved. Too small to ever join us on a run, I don’t get to spend much time socializing with these little girls, but I do enjoy watching their antics. The antics which keep both my person and her husband quite busy. I will be the first to admit that I haven’t been around too many families outside of the mall experience, but if I had to take a guess, these two pooches have it made. Like, they might at well be human babies. Which is why I can’t understand how they could have more time to devote to bringing another pet into the home- a horse no less!

She seemed pretty excited about the prospect too, shouting about him this morning when she woke up.
Charley Horse!
Charley Horse!
I assumed she’d been dreaming about him but some discussion ensued and while she was hopping around the bedroom (in excitement?) he ran into the kitchen to get this mystery horse a bottle of water. Now, I know that I am a shoe, and I don’t always know what’s what but I do know some things. A horse isn’t typically so small that it could possibly be in the house and not immediately visible. Right? Can a small bottle of water possibly satisfy it’s thirst? I don’t know what to think. I’ve spent all day awaiting a sighting and still, not a one.

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