The Deets

I’d like to say I was thinking about all the things I wanted to tell you guys while I was on my walk, but yeah, I didn’t think much expect for cold, ow, cold, breathe, cold, ow. I can NOT wait until I’m in better shape and get to that relaxing, me-time, space all the other running shoes talk about. Forget the euphoria, I’ll settle for peace and my own thoughts without my discomfort competing for attention.

My person jumped immediately into the shower when we got back, affording me some rare, during the day, laptop access. Though, I’m kinda jealous, I bet a hot shower would be amazing right now. Warm me up and sooth my aches. She always looks much more relaxed afterwards.

First off, sorry for dropping a bomb and then running off- literally, haha! Yup, a half-marathon, thirteen (plus) miles. I’m so excited. I had heard talk of it around the house since my arrival, but I didn’t think they meant this year! Here’s the kicker though- remember how I said I would love to somehow do some good and raise monies for charity. Well, my person is all about that as well. She volunteers a lot and through that work she made some contacts in this super cool local charity- Sparrow’s Nest. They work to provide healthy homemade meals for moms battling cancer so that they can worry about one less thing (keeping their family fed) and concentrate on getting well. This race will allow us to fundraise and help provide support to this organization, helping them continue to grow their reach.

Annnnd, we get to go to Disney! Besides all that can mean- running through the theme parks after hours, attending an after-party with lots of food and wine and rides, just to name a few, right now all I can think is that it will be warm. Not crazy hot, but perfect November in Florida weather! Who could blame me for concentrating on that right now?

I had better get going, she’ll be out of the shower any minute. Like me, she’s still reeling from registering this morning, I don’t know if she’s quite ready to meet the “real” me just yet- pun totally intended.

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