(I’m a) Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Artic. Bitter. Frigid. Freezing. Frosty. Frozen. Glacial. Icy. Numbing. Piercing. Polar. Raw.        

I know that this isn’t news to anyone. I know that we are all cold, that we are all tired of it, and we’re all anxiously awaiting Spring’s arrival. After all my time spent in a department store, just itching to get out, I never thought anything could make me dread going outside, but man, the feeling of the cold ground is beyond anything I could’ve imagined. The good thing is that at least it numbs the pain. That, or I am so busy concentrating on the temperature that I don’t feel the aches until I’ve had time to thaw out after our walks.

I’m not the only baby either, I look up during our walk over the weekend and my persons got on a few pairs of pants, several layers of t-shirts and sweatshirts, a hat, the biggest scarf I’ve ever seen and gloves. I have on my socks. Which are super thin. To be fair, she did offer me a pair of thick, I want to say they were for hiking, socks, but I declined, they were not comfortable- all I need to do is give her another blister!

Here’s hoping that all this makes it so much easier to be out there, doing what we do, once it warms up. Any. Day. Now.




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