Month: March 2014

hashtag Mortified

I was so excited to get to the gym this morning! We were going to meet with a personal trainer and get started on strength training. Several people, and their shoes, have told us that this concept of cross training- not only focusing on the running, will be a huge part of preparing for the half marathon. It won’t hurt any efforts to get into shape all the faster. Sounds like a win/win to these sneakers! It wasn’t just me either, my person was excited too. Up, out of bed & in the car, all before 9am. She even ate a granola bar as breakfast in route, and had a bottle of water.

First a quick meeting with a staff member about goals and then our personal trainer took us for a walk to show us around and find out what we were hoping to get from these workouts. Her sneakers, an equally bright pair of Brooks, told me about all the experience with fitness and running her person had and I knew we were in good hands. Even when the two of them were sitting on the floor, playing with a huge pool noodle. I’m not kidding. I guess it’s called foam rolling and its supposed to be really good for her muscles, but really, it totally looked like all fun & games.

Next it was on to one of those machines I had spied on our previous visit. This did not appear to be fun, or games. It looked like hard work. There was a loop to be slipped around her ankle and each time she pulled her leg back, or up or out, she would be using different leg muscles to raise the attached, adjustable weights. The weights began at 3 lbs and went way, way higher. We started at 10 pounds. 20 reps (that gym-speak for repetitions) per leg for each of three different directions. Half way through, I could feel her falter, but after a quick swig of water, she got right back to it. It wasn’t especially difficult, nor particularly taxing but she started go far more slowly and looked to check on her and she was sweating. Like, a lot. Like, more than when we run. I also thought maybe there was something odd about the lighting because she was super pale. The trainer noticed and suggested she shed a layer, perhaps the ginormous sweat shirt she has yet to work out without. When she didn’t put up too strong of a fight and pulled it over her head, I knew we were all in trouble; she’s never without her security sweats and here she is, in public, in only 2 sports bras, a tank and a huge, long sleeve shirt. Sure enough, she grabbed on to the machine’s rails and tried to back off of it, feeling for a place to sit down. Her eyes were wide open but I could tell she couldn’t see anything. Ronnie, the personal trainer guided her to a near-by machine with a bench and no sooner did she lowered herself on to it, did she plunge her head between her own knees. I got a real good look at her face then, and it wasn’t pretty. She was soaked with sweat and as pale as the day is long with the exception of dark half moons under her eyes.

smelling salts

As soon as she was feeling ready to move, Ronnie and another woman helped her into an actual chair by the offices and coaxed her into a consuming half a banana that appeared from out of nowhere and much of her water bottle. All while she repeatedly put her head between her knees. One of the women rubbed cold water on the back of her neck. I could see the color come back into her cheeks and each time she mopped her brow, there seemed to be less sweat than the last. She apologized, a lot. She kept saying that she felt extremely queasy- which is a word I don’t know, and to be honest, don’t ever want to feel. Queasy, or adrenaline, which is what they kept saying was making her feel so sick.

15 hours later, or perhaps it was only 15 minutes, she said she was feeling better enough to walk around a bit. Turns out that this is something that sometimes happens to her, this ‘fainting’ and to Ronnie as well. The two discussed and came up with what they think may have caused this morning’s instance and in an effort to avoid a repeat of it, a full breakfast will be consumed prior to any future gym visits annnnnd my person is going to start incorporating more salt into her diet. Newly vegan, they both hit upon the fact that no processed foods meant a lot less salt- which is, apparently, quite necessary.

Sigh. So much for today’s work out. Strict orders to take it easy for the rest of the day will be followed to the letter. There’s a bright side though, a really big one- she is doing fine now. I don’t know what I would do with out her, certainly not run anywhere. Besides, I have grown quite fond of her, running aside. Tomorrow is another day.


Thursday, RUNday

Spring may not have yet ‘sprung’, but much of the snow has melted. Not where we live, mind you, but far more importantly- on the high school track where the Learn-to-Run sessions are supposed to meet! Yup, just shy of the half way point and we are finally able to run on the track. The sweet, sweet (read: FLAT!) track. I am not sure who was more excited, myselves or my person!

Stretch, stretch, stretch. Yeah, yeah, yeah. While the runners are doing their thing to prepare, I’m working on getting mentally ready for the work out ahead…

Walk for two & a half minutes and then, get this, run for five minutes. Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive whoooooooooooooooole minutes. In. A. Row. I can not wait until this starts to get easier, at least a little bit.

Only, mid-directions from the program’s coach, my person takes off for the track. The next thing I know, I am toe box to toe box with a complete stranger pair of sneakers! The ladies above above me hugging hello and then I hear the words “Sparrow’s Nest”. Turns out, this woman & her shoes are team mates! Just as I was about to introduce myself to her footwear, the group behind us appears to be about ready to start and we rush off to join them. Of course. The good news is that when we arrive back to the circle, this brief meeting put her in the mood to fill her running buddy in on the meet-n-greet from the other evening. I was able to overhear lots of the details I was craving. From what I could follow; half, if not more of the team was in attendance. They were all super cool and many are just like us, very new to running. The ones who are experienced are all about helping the newbies, be it by imparting advice, or helping with actual training. She also said that she has a much better idea as to what to expect of the actual race. Unfortunately ,that was all she said about that but I am hopeful she’ll share those details with me as we get closer. The one thing she did say that I can’t stop thinking about- I guess it was, at times, very emotional. I’ve heard that can often be the case with human chicks, but I didn’t get the impression that is was a hormone thing. I think that they all just feel so strongly about the mission of the organization and many have the addition of being personally touched by cancer, or even what they are doing for the women & the families that they serve. Apparently, they are delivering more than food. I have to admit though, she started to get winded by that point (about minute 7) and so I missed what else they are bringing to these families. I guess her running mates heard it as I could hear them both murmer in assent.

I was so happy that she was able to get that much of the recap out in the beginning of the workout, because she certainly didn’t do too much more chatting as the running segments wore on. I can not believe I complained about three minutes. Five is insane. So insane that we learned a new term- ‘vacuuming’. From what I inferred, this is what they call it when your running mates circle back to run along side you after establishing a lead. Which, as inexperienced as it made us feel; I’m thinking it’s far better than getting lapped!

I had better get my heels in box, we have an appointment at the gym early tomorrow morning. From what I observed the last time we were there, tonight’s workout just may have been the easy part of the week’s exercise.


It is a rare evening that my person heads out… She’s not a hermit, but I certainly wouldn’t use the words social butterfly. There’s the Learn to Run group meetings each week and a once in a while the meeting of a gal pal for a run (& gab session). Lunch dates with girl friends every so often and maybe one instance of “ladies night out” these last new weeks. Twice a month or so she does have some sort of practice, though I can’t quite figure out exactly which sport the Junior League plays- baseball? bowling? So odd, she doesn’t seem the team sport type, nor is she young enough to be on a team comprised of juniors. BUT, as you recently witnessed, making assumptions can only lead to trouble so I am refraining- if she says belongs to a Junior League, then she belongs to a Junior League.

So, when she was all aflutter over meeting a group of women she didn’t yet know for coffee last night, I was all ears. Which is a super big deal, seeing as I don’t even have any! I paid extra close attention to the details so I could avoid another misunderstanding but, until I have confirmation I suggest you take whatever I have to say with a grain of salt.

From what I was able to piece together, that half marathon we’ll be running this fall- it isn’t just going to be us. I mean, yes, I did know that there are going to be t h o u s a n d s of other runners & their shoes participating, but what I didn’t realize was that we were part of a team! Turns out there are over 50 additional people all running that same race in an effort to raise monies for a local charity- Sparrow’s Nest. Last evening’s get together was to serve as a meet-n-greet seeing as there are common goals – crossing that finish line annnnnnd fundraising $100,000.00 to ensure that this a m a z i n g organization is able to continue the work that they do. That money will allow them to feed the families of 50 cancer’s-ass-kicking moms for a whole year.

A hundred thousand dollars, that’s a lot of socks. Suddenly, the running might be the easy part.

I really wish that I had gotten to go. I would love to have met the other sneakers, or even their people. I’m hoping that there’ll be other opportunities before we hit the starting line, but for now, I am so looking forward to hearing all about how everything went!

coffee MM

An ass out of you and me.

I know you’re all dying to know about the big date so without any preamble…

For the first time that I can ever recall, my person didn’t even hit snooze when the alarm went off this morning. She got right up, fed the pups and hopped directly into the shower. When her husband left for work an hour prior she was all “Love you, too. Have a good day at work.” like it was a normal day. I was all set to have the morning off, fully expecting her to emerge from the bathroom all dressed up, or at the very least, in jeans. To my surprise though, she was in full workout gear- less layers than usual but she was clearly planning to wear a ginormous sweatshirt to meet this guy. Odd, yes, but what do I know about clothes or dating even? Maybe breakfast dates are super casual? Bright blue socks and then myself completed her attire and I figured maybe she just really wants to wear me (I may not be the hottest shoes that she owns but I am definitely the cutest pair of sneakers!) and the rest makes it look less obvious? Again, what do I know?

Except, I start to doubt it’s a breakfast date when she grabs a banana and a bottle of water on our way out the door.

One thing I hate about the car- not being able to see out the windows. I am so over the novelty of working the pedals- big whoop. Let me try a hand at the steering wheel! Driving is the only time I ever think it might’ve been fun to be a glove. Sorry, I am getting off track, but my point is that I had no idea where we going. A half an hour later, when we finally do arrive, I can hear her mumbling to herself about parking and its another 5 minutes before we’re out of the car. Excited, I jump out along with her and what do I see but the back of ginormous building and lots of cars. No signage, or clues. We are so far from the entrance that I think maybe this is why she brought me along, are we going to run there? But no, we walk and when we eventually get to the doors, I can’t see what the logo says, its too high up. Once inside, it is chaos! There are, well, as many people milling about as there are cars in the parking lot, which is, I guess, how that usually works.

She approaches a front desk and states she has an appointment and just as I expect her to say Jim, she says Kim. Kim? Who the hell is Kim? I know that I did not mishear her, she clearly said Jim multiple times during that phone call. Thankfully, we are asked to take a seat and wait, which I was hoping would give me a few minutes to get my thoughts together. 5 minutes turned into 10 and I notice that the place is positively teeming with sneakers. Seriously, every single person who walked passed was wearing a pair of athletic shoes- it was like the department store, only more so because everyone was so animated and full of feet! Few make eyelet contact but there really wasn’t time as each was rushing about. Maybe this a job interview. I didn’t take my person for a factory type of chick, but that seems to be where we are. Just beyond the seating area was a large glass enclosed space full of all sorts of machines. I didn’t know what they could possible produce here but everyone seemed to be hard at work making something or other. I’m mulling this over when Kim arrives- blond and decidedly female, she is definitely not a Jim. They introduced themselves and we all headed up a short flight of stairs to her office.

The conversation that ensues is way over my head- both figuratively & literally and I only catch a few words: sponsorship, charity, Sparrow’s Nest. Someone else joins in the meeting, also not possibly Jim as she too is obviously a girl, Veronica they call her, and she is just as excited about whatever it is they are discussing. The words half-marathon, training and team float by me and then, apparently, the meeting is over. Everyone is happy to have met each other and my person is falling all over herself to say thank you to Kim, who is leading us back down the stairs and to another desk. Where a man is waiting for us. Jim!! I knew it! I am not crazy.

Only his name is Phil. He takes some information from my person like her name, address & date of birth. (Now I know: Nicole, we live in the Hudson Valley of NY annnnd I am pretty sure if I reveal her  age on the internet I am breaching some sort of girl code.)

Phil input all these details into a computer, then asked Kim for a expiration date to which she responded with, ’til the end of the year’. A few more keystrokes and hands my person, oh, I mean, Nicole, a key fob.

Welcome to the club!


Then I see the keychain & it all makes sense. I am a moron…

I guess that would be G Y M not J I M.         Oh.

I guess that would be G Y M not J I M. Oh.

Turns out, the locally owned gym will be sponsoring Nicole (& me, by proxy) with a membership to aid in her, our, efforts to prepare for the Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon we’ll be running in November to raise money for Sparrow’s Nest. Additionally, they’re going to brainstorm some ways they can help with the whole of the team’s training. Awesome, right?

I couldn’t have been more wrong. Lesson learned- don’t assume. What is it people say about that?

It All Looks Flat When You’re Looking At The Ground

Spring has sprung! Officially. On paper, anyway. Today’s weather even seemed like it would cooperate with the calendar, the sun shining out from within a bright blue sky and everything. Then we left to head to meet everyone at the park and like some sort of omen, the sun hid itself behind some dark clouds.

Please just don’t rain. Please just don’t rain. Please just don’t rain.

That ^ totally worked. It did not rain. The sun didn’t make another appearance and it didn’t get much warmer but it did not rain. Yay for that. Because it certainly didn’t get any easier this week- walk three minutes, run three minutes. Five sets of that. What? This is easing into running?

Ok, fine. Three and three. But that’s not all. Yup, up and down those hills. Those hills! When, when, when will that track be clear and available?

Stretching. There’s something I wish I could do. I bet it would help if I could just s t r e t c h my soles before we start off. It looks like it feels good and everyone raves about its importance. Any hoo, after they all got their stretch on, off we headed- towards those dreaded hills. & wouldn’t you know it, minute four placed us right smack dab at the bottom of the first incline. First three minute run and it may as well be vertical. Ugh. Its amazing how long three minutes is when something is difficult. We didn’t stop. We were super slow though, like so slow that the others in our little group kept turning around to check on us- both of them seasoned runners. In fact, the whole of our workout they spoke of past races run, and man, it was intimidating to be barely able to breathe while hearing about 26.2 miles. Talking about “the wall”. Yeah, ladies, we hear that! Our wall, its right here on this next hill.

I don’t mean to seem especially negative, there were definite highlights in this week’s training. The upside to running along side, or slightly behind, actual ‘runners’ is that you get usable advice. My person was advised to try looking down when going uphill because it all looks flat when you’re looking at the ground. Normally, she finds a fixed point to focus on- sort of an ‘up & over’ mentality. Not sure how well that’s working out for her because I can feel her struggling on those hills right along with me. She said she’s going to try it next time which can only help me too. I got some sage advice as well. The third set of running, midway up the biggest hill (of course!) I noticed that we were basically running in place. Seriously, the tree to the right of the path did not recede behind us even after like 4 steps. Strength saw it too and actually called out to me,

Get on your toes, girl!

Which totally worked! Up on our toes and just like that, we were moving again. I don’t what was more shocking, that we were no longer running in place, or that she was so willing to help that Strength took a chance of outing us both as ‘real’ to do the right thing. Not that any of the ladies above us would’ve even noticed, so caught up in their own convo. In fact, they continued chatting in the parking lot long after the training concluded which allowed us to do the same. It feels really nice to have a friend. So good, that I almost forgot about this whole Jim situation with my person. Almost.

Tomorrow morning is the big, early morning, date. I should probably hold off judgment until I have more information, but really, what else could it be?

Who’s This Guy?

I will be the first to admit that when it comes to relationships, I don’t know thing one. The closest I’ve come is a few dates and now, on permanent lookout for some guy I will probably never ‘run’ into again.**

** In fact, Ace, if you’re reading this- come to the park some Thursday evening!

Which is why I am trying really hard not to be judgmental- but I totally think my person may be having an, (gasp!) affair.

I know. I, too, am shocked. They seem so good together. & happy. I don’t know him especially well, other than what I observe- which is all good. I mean, he comes home from work, tired & hungry and laces up to join her for a run, no matter what kind of day he had. They laugh a lot too, that’s gotta be good right? I certainly thought so. Except there was this phone call today that has me questioning everything…

Granted, I could only hear one side of the conversation, and even that portion, not that well. But the gist was that she was super excited to meet some guy named Jim. Super. Excited. She was all, “thank you so much” and “this is so exciting” – see, she even came right out & said she’s excited. & the kicker, “ohh, I can’t wait to meet you!”

What? Ew!

Really? Yup, apparently so. They have a date to meet this Friday morning at 10. All of a sudden she’s a morning person? I can’t. Except that I have to because, technically, it’s none of my business. I guess I just have to act normal, at least until I get more details.

(Other) Asics Are A Girl’s Best Friend(s)

I would imagine that a 10am training session is late for most but for us- that’s early. I’ve yet to see my person up before noon on a Sunday, so to be out of bed, dressed and already at the park before then is something to well, blog about. Maybe it’s the new watch- she used the alarm feature this morning. Which I was none too happy to hear go off after having been up crazy late last night/this morning- insomnia, it’s not just for people anymore.

Either way, up and out we were, meeting new (to me) friends. I guess the ladies has some catching up to do and us sneakers were along for the run. Oddly, these are also much more experienced at running friends. (I wonder, how does someone with so many active friends take so long to get bit by the exercise bug?) The good thing about being half asleep en route to the park was that I spend much of the ride lamenting my lack of sleep, not the running portion the session. I should have been, especially knowing the main reason for meeting up was some girl time. That always means talking, and lots of it! Two days ago was the worst workout ever and here we were about to repeat it.

Meet Quiet- but don't let that fool you, she was totally named before her true personality was known!

Meet Quiet- but don’t let that fool you, she was totally named before her true personality was known!

Boy was I right about the talking- the two of them were barely out of the cars before they started! Quiet rolled her eyelets and I just knew we were on the same page. While she & I made our own introductions, the decision was made to follow the 4 minute walk, 2 minute run program, though not without sufficient warning of how difficult it was going to be on our end and a call for mercy. Another good natured eye roll from Quiet & her person alike and off we all headed in the direction opposite the hills!*

*Yay! Annnnnd why don’t we head this way normally?

Yap, yap, yap from above, punctuated by the odd laugh and then it was already minute four and we were running. The next two minutes passed as slow as those on Friday, but it was so much easier. I could see my person check our new watch more than once to be sure she wasn’t incorrect, but yup- two minutes of running and we were still doing alright. Minute ten was on us quickly and again, while the running seemed to take f o r e v e r, it was bearable! To the point where we were both teased about being dramatic.

Girl, the way you made it sound, I didn’t know what I was in for…

& there was no convincing either of them that we were just as surprised to be doing so “well”. In fact, when we made it to the end of the flat path and back to the cars in a half hour, having completed the expected workout, we were still doing well enough to suggest walking the hilly section as extra. Only Quiet & company felt that there was still a bit of run in us all. Every once in a while she would announce that she felt it was time to run. Please note: I’m not saying my person didn’t call her horrible names (out loud!) but run we did. I’m so proud of us both, some of these lovingly forced runs were up hills and still, we managed to take it in stride (see what I did there?)

It’s funny how the simplest things can make you accomplish what seems impossible. “You got this” are very powerful words and having the kind of shoes in my life that say it (and mean it!)  make me a very lucky pair of sneakers. I really like Quiet- which she totally isn’t, she’s Southern and ladylike, but I am pretty sure that once you get to really know her it’s a whole other story 😉 I am so thankful to my person for introducing me to both her & Strength- they are the kind of girl friends a sneaker needs if she’s to reach her goals! Maybe its because we’re all Asics cousins, but I think its deeper than that- I think they are just awesome footwear!

Pardon Me, Do You Have The Time?

Why, yes. I. Do.

The aptly named Ndurance- which I am desperately trying to emulate.

The aptly named Ndurance- which I am desperately trying to emulate.

Not only do I have the time, I am officially a Maxxinista. We went shopping Saturday afternoon and this watch was hanging out in the athletic section, marked down to $10. From forty! All the others were much higher priced & none of them were even pink! As a reward for staying alive during Friday’s session, my person bought for us. Technically, she’ll be wearing it but we’ll both benefit. Hooray for clearance sales!

It makes me almost look forward to tomorrow morning’s training session. Almost.

That Last Run- it Kicked. My. Heels.

The ridiculously un-Spring like weather of late has thrown us off schedule. Our Learn to Run course is typically held on Thursdays, but this week’s forecast caused it to be canceled a day in advance- rescheduled to be held on Friday evening instead. Not to be outdone by the continued wind and cold, we headed out for an extra “homework” run Thursday when everyone got home from work. Each week, we have to repeat what we have learned at least twice and though we plan for three, four is optimal. With four walk/runs under our belt this week, I felt completely prepared for class- all proud to be making the effort to attend the non-mandatory make up, temps once again the low 30s be damned!

As usual, there was the warming up and stretching before we could be on our way- the plan was walk four minutes, run for two- five times with a three minute cool-down walk. Easy peasy, right? I mean, we’ve been doing one minute at a time all week. It’s always rough in the beginning but by the time we return home each time, it has gotten easier with each interval. So, when the coordinator yelled “run” for our first two minutes, I knew it would be tough, but it would get eventually get easier each time. Except that either that chick’s watch is way broken, or two minutes is an eternity. Seriously, hours seemed to pass by the time she said we could walk again. Hours. The heavy breathing ban from last week must’ve been lifted because I could hear my person panting away. Seeing as how long two minutes felt, I knew recovery time would be twice as long and so, wasn’t going to stress. Except that before I felt ready I heard the cry of “run” from up ahead and off we went again. This time it was even harder. Conversations swirled around and I tried to find a fixed point up ahead to concentrate on as the seconds p a s s e d, far slower than the shoes on either side of me. Three weeks later, she said we could walk again. All I could think about was that we weren’t even half way done and if I didn’t die right here on the path, my person would and either way, we’d be lying on the cold, hard ground, unable to move. At this point, even walking wasn’t making things easy.

Have I mentioned the hills? The park path is like a rollercoaster. & really, its March, when will that promised land- “the track” be clear of snow and usable? Everyone keeps saying how fabulous it is- all flat and downright cushiony. Not what I would call helpful information at the moment. I am thinking awful, terrible things about the people singing these praises when minute sixteen arrives, 2 minute run number three- and we are mid-incline, I shit you not. Only we’re not running. I am like, I know I heard the “run” call and then I know that even those behind us did, because I can hear them tell my person that we’re all supposed to be running. Her reply…

I am incapable

left me cold. As in nothing to do with the weather cold. What? Incapable? Like, ever? Like, for now? Every one is passing us. I am watching their shoes continue to advance further away and we are still walking. I can hear her breathing and it ain’t pretty, folks. Turns out my person has a running buddy- a sporty chick with super cool shoes, both of whom are far more advanced than either of us. I’d noticed her the other weeks, I hadn’t realized our proximity was deliberate. Within moments it was just us four and the two of them, the rest of the class long gone. Not complaining, it was actually much nicer that way. I could hear the encouraging words being spoken above and before I knew it, we were running again, having only missed out on 2 minutes. My new friend, Serious, also whispered encouragement as we somehow managed to just about, kinda, almost complete two minutes. I remember little else- there was more walking, more support from Serious and I think some more running. There must have been that cool down walk as well. I can recall standing in the parking area while everyone was participating in some post stretching and I could actually feel my person wanting water- that’s how thirsty she was. I could also feel her wavering on her feet & when I looked up, man, was she pale. Her cheeks had been bright as cherries a moment ago. The only stretching she was managing was bending at the waist and let her head hang down, in a duel effort to get the blood flowing to her brain and keep the black spots at the edge of her vision to herself. I was practically feeling sick to my stomach right along with her. Before I was able to decide if bringing her to someone’s attention was wise, or dramatic, everyone was saying their goodbyes and we were heading back to the car. A bottle of water and a half hour car ride later, we were home and I could tell she was feeling much better. I was so relieved I could’ve cried.
Except that we’re going to have to repeat this a few times over the next week.
We both cried.

My new friend- Serious. We'd never have made it through this week's run/walk without the support of Serious and her person.

My new friend -Strength. We’d never have made it through this week’s run/walk without the support of Strength and her person.

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

I will be the first to admit to being super girly. I like my bright colors and I love that even with quite a few walk/runs under my belt, I am still pristine. My laces are barely dusty.

However, I totally agreed with my person’s husband yesterday when he was defending my honor…

“a loved pair of running shoes is never clean!”

**Yes, I know, I am contradicting myself. Don’t forget, I am a chick- we do that.

I bring this up because it was especially muddy yesterday. Apparently. I wouldn’t know.
BECAUSE I DIDN’T GET TO GO! Seriously. Oh, she still went running. Without me. From the basement came a pair of sneakers I’d not yet met- quite a bit older than any of the others around here, and I mean no offense to them- filthy. She laced them up and off they went, without even a glance my way. When her husband raised his eyebrow’s in her feet’s direction, she was all,

“ohhh, I don’t want to get them dirty.

it’s so muddy out there.

they’ll get ruined.”

He tried to convince her to change footwear, like he somehow knew I wanted to go, but, nope. Her mind was made up.

I am trying really hard not to be hurt. I know that she did what she did out of love for me, but man, it still stings.


Isn’t Spring like, the rainy season? If that’s true, how on earth will be ready to really run once the races start? I thought we were going to be in this together- training, 5Ks, maybe a 10K, our Half-Marathon. I was even hoping for a Warrior Dash… I now know that’s never happening! If she won’t take me out along the messy roads, there’s no way she’ll allow me to participate in a mud run. Like, ever.

Super windy and raining tonight. The freezing kind, so we didn’t go out. Tomorrow is supposed to be more of the same. I’m headed to box, sigh, maybe I can at least run in my dreams.