Crazy, Stupid, (but not always) Love

I have three points to make. ONE, I completely admit to having total crushes on both Steve Carell and Ryan Gosling- I mean really, who doesn’t? TWO, Crazy, Stupid, Love is hilarious.

The scene above made me stop and think. Not the first time I’d seen the movie. The first time, I laughed, like everyone else. The first time, I thought, dammnnnnn, Ryan Gosling looks goooood. The next viewing, however, I realized that what happens is funny and whatnot, but it speaks volumes about how we treat each other, based on details that have no bearing on our own lives.& so, THREE:

What is so wrong with being “407s”, or “New Balance”? Intolerance and discrimination has to stop. Be it against people, or shoes. Why does skin color matter? Who cares if you are a high heel or a flat? Why does anyone have an opinion about, for or against who anyone else loves? Where does it say that two pink pairs of shoes, or, yes, two blue pairs can’t be sole mates? I don’t follow much of what is going on in the world outside my closet so I really can’t speak on the state of things beyond that scope, but I do hear enough to know that there is plenty of turmoil over such. I also know that I am a “just” pair of shoes and what I have to say carries little, if any, weight. I am still going to say it…

Knock it off. For reals. Stop judging. Stop hating. Just love. Everyone!

Hashtag, love is love.
Hashtag, stop bullying.
Hashtag, equality.
Hashtag, 407s are sneakers too

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