I Only Have Eyelets For You

photo (9)

I’m not sure how I didn’t find it before this afternoon, but while we were visiting my old section in the department store over the weekend, someone slipped me a note. Yes, from you know who.


I am, simply, beyond words. Me! (I know, right?!)


My Dear Bright,
I am writing this tonight with the hopes that one day soon you’ll come back to visit and I can slip it your way, or, if I am to leave myself, entrust it with one of our friends to pass to you. A long shot, but like we said, “if it is meant to be…”

I know that this seems crazy since we’d only just started to get to know each other before you were purchased but I learned enough about you over that week to know this- you are the one for me, my sole mate. I can feel it in my arches.

I know you’re going to go far- follow your dreams! & every once in while, keep an eyelet out for me. I’ll be looking for you as well. I am sure that our paths will one day cross again.

Until then,

Yes, I called him Ace. Shut up.

Sigh. On that note, pun totally intended, I am off to box. I can not wait to get to dream land!

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