Bright Side(s)

I am in a far less bitchy mood tonight. All that complaining about my person’s lack of ability. What good did I think that would do either of us? Apologies. I will try, from now on, to be more positive about things.

On that note: One week from tonight, we will have completed our first steps  ::ba dum bump… tsssshhh::  together towards our goals. That’s the best part, the part I was over looking last night- we have the same goals! Not sure why that didn’t occur to me prior, I mean, she bought running shoes, for peep toe’s sake! & then signed up for a program that will ensure she’s ready to hit the ground (here comes another one, get ready for it… ) r u n n i n g  by the time spring is really here.

More bright sides: not much time for a long post- the girls I share a closet with are going to have a little slumber party tonight. I’ve been quartet’d up with another pair of sneakers to well, “sneak” the snacks into the den. To be honest, we’re probably the only ones without super loud soles. No way half these shoes could sneak anywhere with the likes of their heels. I’m looking forward to some girl talk and a little “House of Cards”. We’re not really sure what it’s about, but we’ve heard its supposed to be really good.

Besides, have you seen Kevin Spacey?
house of cards
Exactly, reason enough.

Having saved the brightest side for last: my person said we’re going shopping this weekend! She realized that I need new panties. Oddly though, she keeps calling them socks. Whatev. Call them what you will, I love clothes shopping!

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