Dreaming of my own 2 feet

I don’t go outside, like, ever, and even I have had enough of this snow. It’s keeping away the customers and amazing as this past week has been, I am starting to get super nervous. I mean, what happens if no one buys me? I highly doubt they’ll mark me down further. Seriously, I’m already embarrassed by my pricing and it’s not like I can do much to hide this big red tag! I’m pretty sure the department store won’t keep me here indefinitely. Not that I would take too much issue if that were to be the case, as of late anyway, but it is not possible. Word on the sales floor is that you get sent back to the manufacturer (gasp!). I am not down with that. Who knows what they’ll do to me? It can’t possibly be good.
Ok, enough. I can NOT be thinking this negatively. Certainly not before going to box, that would guarantee a nightmare in my very near future!

Maybe it’s the late hour but I am so, so confused. I am having the time of my life right now- new friends, and a great guy!, have just come into it but one way or another this period has got to come to an end. Even though neither outcome is truly known, I definitely think being purchased is better than a return to factory. Shoes come in and out of here all day long and oftentimes, when their person is trying another of us on there is time for quick chat. It is rare that we hear anything negative about the world outside the mall. For us footwear anyway. Shoes seems to be generally loved by their people, allowed to become a part of their everyday. I have seen enough of my shelf mates meet their feet and if that interaction is any indication of what is to blossom between them, I want in on that. I have trained my whole life to become an integral part of someone’s fitness routine and I would be beyond disappointed if it was all for naught. I think my chances are getting narrower with each passing day. No one even looked in my direction today. I am trying to remain hopeful that it was because it was a quiet shopping day, but really, who knows?

I end this post with a request… do you know of anyone looking for a pair of sneakers? & by anyone I mean a chick, who wears a nine. Who loves shoes. Who will appreciate my bright colors, keep me in fresh undies & clean laces. Who will take me running! If so, please, send her to the Poughkeepsie Galleria. Tell her to check the discount section. She’ll know me when she sees me- of that I am sure.

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