Best. Valentine’s Day. Ever.

When my friend, Torie, arranged to have me and this guy recently met over for dinner, I didn’t even realized she’d planned it for Valentine’s Day until the morning of. The whole idea to make this a casual dinner, as it was presented to me, was to take pressure away, not add to it! Imagine having to get ready for that 1st date. Cray!

Everything during pre-date prep went super well, I must say. A good lace day, thank goodness- perfect, symmetrical bows with not much effort. My nerves though, totally different story, I was a mess. I got to her rack early and had a glass of wine to settle them. It worked, until he arrived. I literally broke out into a sweat. & then, I realized he was feeling the exact same way. We were both all stupid smiles with the complete inability to make eyelet contact.

As the evening wore on, we both managed to get our footing and we settled into conversation. Like, the best conversation of my life. For reals. Man, I am in big trouble. Big. Huge. It is way too soon for me to feel as I do. Crazier than that? He is in the same boat. Whaaaat?! This doesn’t happen outside of the movies. Love at first sight does not exist. Or does it??

It’s extremely late and I need to get into box and sleep, I just didn’t want to keep you guys in suspense any longer. I promise, more details soon. But right now, I’m going to relish this dream-like feeling.

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