First off, my apologies. I totally started telling you about the other night & then completely left you hanging. It’s like I’m not ready to really put it out there yet. I am comfortable telling you this much… I am still smiling like a moron.

After the store closed for the night, Torie & I went shopping on our own. I not only needed new laces, but I also needed to girl talk over (& over!) the night prior. Please don’t take offense that I shared with her, and not you guys, yet. Its just that she knows him personally annnnnd, she’s not exactly the internet, you know? She had nothing but good things to say about him and she is going to plan a dinner at her rack this week for us to all to get together again- without the pressure of being out on a date, just yet. Hmmmmm… her, an amazing meal and “him”- twist my laces why don’t you! Even though we talked about lots of serious stuff getting to really know one another, the convo, and shopping, eventually dissolved into much laughter & silliness within the dressing room and neither of us bought anything! Seriously. I almost had to by new underwear- that’s the kind of laugher I am talking about! My instep still aches a little.

Note to self: while on the subject of panties, definitely going to need some of the new styles they’ve started showing for spring:
rainbow sox

It’s funny. That “this could be the one” feeling you get- its not only for meeting your Sole Mates. Sometimes, you meet someone and you just know you were totally meant to be friends. Torie and I definitely feel that way about each other. As different as we are as shoes, there are so many other things that are just too perfect, in fact, I am not really sure how I made it this far without having known her. This whole marked down thing is turning out to be the best thing ever!

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