“I Got Big Plans… ” -Notorious B.I.G.

I was chatting this afternoon with a few of the other athletic shoes about what we hoped to do with our lives- you know, like, once we get out of here. Obviously, I want to run, I mean, helllooo?? I’m a running shoe. More than that though, I definitely want to give back in some way. I just wasn’t quite sure how, exactly, I would be able to do that. Again, I am a running shoe. So many of my kind want to be professional athletes. Cool? Yes. For me? No. I am supportive of their dreams though. In fact, I think a few of them might just do it- Nike, for example, that guy is hard core. Our discussion led us all take a hike out to Electronics during the height of today’s snow storm, when the store closed early. He’s pretty tight with Apple, this super cool chick who heads up the department after hours. She and this other chick, Google, were showing us all sorts of options avail for shoes today.

Let’s face it, I will never be a fashion model. You’re either born a stiletto, or you’re not. I’m fine with that- most days. But there is so much more out there for sneakers than I even knew about. It’s like if you asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I’d have said, jogger. Now, I know about so many other options. Annnnd, I think I even know which path I want to take…

Warrior Dash 2014 -New York 7.26.2014

There is even an option to raise funds for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. It’s like, perfect.

This totally what I want to do. Yeah, I am super girly, and I love my bright colors, but I can be washed right?? This looks like as much fun as a pair of sneakers can have, all the while working to raise monies for charity. I am really enjoying this new chapter of my life on Clearance, but I’m starting to long for someone to buy me soon. It’s like this is just a taste of the life that awaits beyond the doors of the mall. I can totally tell by the changing of displays that the spring is coming again and I do not wait to spend another one on the shelf. I need to start really training for what I was meant to do- R. U. N. Seeing the details on this Warrior Run made me realize exactly what my dream job would be. Laces crossed!

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