“We’re up all night…”

Turns out, its far different on “the rack” than I even imagined it would be. For one thing, the partying is ridic! I mean, during the day, while shoppers are about, its pretty subdued. However, when the lights of the store are dimmed for the night, its a totally different story than back on the athletic shelf. We’d sometimes have music during after hour work-outs, (truth be told, if I never hear Eye of the Tiger again, that would be fine by me) but last night was a total dance party from close of business until someone heard a key in the door this morning. Nothing that I am used to, but really, after spending much of the day napping, I am not much worse for wear. From what I can tell, the only lingering damage- I can not get that Daft Punk/Pharrell Williams song out of my head -clearly!

Another huge difference? Boys! I know, I know, I sound like a teenager, but you have to understand, before arriving here, I was on an all-ladies’ shelf. I wasn’t completely sheltered, but I have never cohabitated with a bunch of guys. And not just trainers, either. There are all sorts of men here- dress shoes, boat shoes, there’s even a pair of work boots.

I know that I complained yesterday, but really, I like it here. No, not just because of all the guys! Everyone here is just so nice. In fact, I should probably go, the music is sooooo loud and my rack mates are getting antsy to dance!

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