Starting at, well, the beginning…

New to the whole blogging thing, I guess I should start off by telling you a little about myself. I am a super cute (if I am to believe my friends) pair of ladies’ running shoes. Size 9, neon yellow & pink Asics. Check out my head shot and see for yourself…

right shoe

See, I told you, cute, right? Not all beauty either, some brains too- I have the ability to allow some lucky chick the “experience of running at the speed of Lyte”, apparently. This is, IF, I ever get out of here. I have been living at a department store for a long, long time. Like, long enough to now be sitting on a discount rack (so humiliating). As if being marked down from $99 to $65 isn’t embarrassing enough, I think I spy the salesgirl with the price gun…

Yup, marked down, again. Sigh. $29.99. Really?

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