Month: February 2014

(Not Exactly) A Walk In The Park

Man. I guess I underestimated this whole running thing. Or, I totally overestimated my own abilities. My person and I started our Learn to Run program yesterday I was completely unprepared. Completely.

A. It was cold. Not like, a little bit cold, but f r e e z i n g. Like in the twenties. There was even some snow. Obviously, I can’t see out the car windows, from the floor, but I definitely heard the panicked chatter from above, and they said snow. More than once. Granted, it stopped by the time we arrived at the park but still, snow. The fact that it had stopped was really only a slight improvement to the weather, because it was still soooo cold. Don’t forget, I’m in direct contact with the ground, still covered in large part by ice and snow.

B. This shit is hard. Like the actual walking. I know, I know, I have been all braggy and what have you because of all my “training” and having been made for the sole purpose of running (no pun intended). Yeah, all of that- whatevs! I was not ready for the act of walking with feet, helping to act as cushion between whole human person and the (freezing cold) ground. I don’t really know her stride yet so there was a lot of unpredictability as to when and how she’d land each step. And there was so. many. steps. Remember how I laughed at the concept of walking for a half hour? Yeah, well, who’d laughing now? Not these shoes! We went up and down hills. Plural. Thank God we weren’t running yet, I would never have made it.

C. It’s still not really over. I am sore. All over. Both of my uppers and my laces from holding on to her feet. My soles ache from all that cushion providing. Plus, I couldn’t relax and remained tense in an effort to get warm. What’s especially unnerving is that even though I am so tired, from all that work reacting in order to provide support and the proper pressure at the correct time and place, I am all keyed up and wide awake. Being in box does help, but I wish I could sleep. Though, who knows how I’ll feel in the morning. Hashtag, a little scared of that.

I was wrong. And am shoe enough to admit it.

Bright sides of my evening…

A. Lots of other shoes appeared to be struggling with the same issues. Everyone seemed friendly too, smiles all around, but really, not many seemed up for chatting just yet. If anyone had even uttered hello, I doubt I’d have been able to respond. There is definitely something about being in the same boat though. I guess we’re going to be doing this same workout a few times in this coming week so I am thinking that each meeting with the group will get a little easier.

B. I managed to avoid stepping on both ice and dog poop. Plus, double plus right there.

C. We definitely bonded. I could tell that some of the hills weren’t exactly a walk in the park for her either, even though, technically that’s what we were doing. She never stopped though. No matter how winded she felt, or tired she was, she kept going. In fact, I have a confession to make- I totally gave her a blister. I know, like the worst thing I could’ve done. I feel awful about it. Traitorous almost & embarrassed. I wasn’t even going to say anything but it felt wrong to leave that out. She took it in total stride though. We came home, she slapped a Band-Aid on it and really, other than mention it to her husband, hasn’t complained since. I think she knows it was a complete accident. Wheeew. Bright side right there!

I’m proud of her. Of both of us. We are going to kick so much heel! (eventually)

Since so many of you inquired... green! I wore the green ones for my maiden voyage.

Since so many of you inquired… green! I wore the green ones for my maiden voyage.


Crazy, Stupid, (but not always) Love

I have three points to make. ONE, I completely admit to having total crushes on both Steve Carell and Ryan Gosling- I mean really, who doesn’t? TWO, Crazy, Stupid, Love is hilarious.

The scene above made me stop and think. Not the first time I’d seen the movie. The first time, I laughed, like everyone else. The first time, I thought, dammnnnnn, Ryan Gosling looks goooood. The next viewing, however, I realized that what happens is funny and whatnot, but it speaks volumes about how we treat each other, based on details that have no bearing on our own lives.& so, THREE:

What is so wrong with being “407s”, or “New Balance”? Intolerance and discrimination has to stop. Be it against people, or shoes. Why does skin color matter? Who cares if you are a high heel or a flat? Why does anyone have an opinion about, for or against who anyone else loves? Where does it say that two pink pairs of shoes, or, yes, two blue pairs can’t be sole mates? I don’t follow much of what is going on in the world outside my closet so I really can’t speak on the state of things beyond that scope, but I do hear enough to know that there is plenty of turmoil over such. I also know that I am a “just” pair of shoes and what I have to say carries little, if any, weight. I am still going to say it…

Knock it off. For reals. Stop judging. Stop hating. Just love. Everyone!

Hashtag, love is love.
Hashtag, stop bullying.
Hashtag, equality.
Hashtag, 407s are sneakers too

I Only Have Eyelets For You

photo (9)

I’m not sure how I didn’t find it before this afternoon, but while we were visiting my old section in the department store over the weekend, someone slipped me a note. Yes, from you know who.


I am, simply, beyond words. Me! (I know, right?!)


My Dear Bright,
I am writing this tonight with the hopes that one day soon you’ll come back to visit and I can slip it your way, or, if I am to leave myself, entrust it with one of our friends to pass to you. A long shot, but like we said, “if it is meant to be…”

I know that this seems crazy since we’d only just started to get to know each other before you were purchased but I learned enough about you over that week to know this- you are the one for me, my sole mate. I can feel it in my arches.

I know you’re going to go far- follow your dreams! & every once in while, keep an eyelet out for me. I’ll be looking for you as well. I am sure that our paths will one day cross again.

Until then,

Yes, I called him Ace. Shut up.

Sigh. On that note, pun totally intended, I am off to box. I can not wait to get to dream land!

Sock It To Me!

Turns out, I was so wrong about the perception of discount. So, so wrong.

My person took me to the mall over the weekend. Amazing how different it is to see it from the other perspective- as a consumer. Man, I can’t say that enough- as a consumer. Me. 🙂 She wanted to treat me to socks. A word I’m learning to use, as I used to call these very things underwear, panties. I like “socks” better. Less personal, especially since everyone can see them. Look at me, learning new things left and right!

So, I probably shouldn’t share this little tidbit, but I think I will anyway- have you ever found yourself someplace and you’re not sure why? Well, that’s us! Us, as in the things you thing are just things. Inanimate- Ha! We can think about something sooooo hard that all of a sudden, you can actually feel it, as if you had the very thought yourselves. It’s not mind control or anything so sci fi, more like the power of suggestion. I have to say, I didn’t really believe in it either. Everyone in my world talks about it. Trust me, its not like I hadn’t tried it every. single. day. back when I was a product for sale. And clearly, it didn’t work then. Which is why, when I tried it this weekend, I never expected it to work. Except that it did. Totally. And I now know the secret. You need the bond between person and, though I hate to use the word, “thing”. Another perk of belonging to someone!

Which is why I was able to get us to swing by the department store so that I could visit with my old rack mates. Torie’s gone, no surprise there. Everyone said that she was super happy to go and that her person seemed to be another true shoe lover and so would have a good life. “He” was gone too. Don’t get me wrong, I am very happy for him, it just would’ve been nice to see him. I guess I’ll just have to keep hoping that one day our paths cross again. Not that the visit was a downer, by any means. It was great seeing everyone else and I was able to chat for quite a bit while my person scowled at the price of socks. (Sorry guys, she meant no offense!)

I also managed to get us all the way to the food court too. It was cute to hear her ask herself, “what am I even doing here?”. It was not so cute to hear it before I had managed to subliminally suggest that we share a hot pretzel. She managed to gain complete control of her thought process and whisked me back to the car.

Back to my opening thought- the distinction of being discounted as a bad thing. Am I the only one who has never heard of TJ Maxx?? If so, please allow me to wax lyrical- it is chock full of awesome clothes, shoes, accessories and what have you, all discounted. Like, by a lot. All on trend, too. A true shoppers’ store. If you’re one who enjoys the “thrill of the hunt”, this place is probably pretty close to heaven. Everyone is excited to shop there and none of the “things” for sale feel one bit bad about being available for less than what the department stores charge. In fact, everyone seemed pretty proud to be a part of their stock. Who could blame them? The consumers heading here are looking to get the most for their money and so, it makes them all seem that much more attractive- the clearance sections were downright giddy! I am so lucky, my person is usually a hard core Maxxinista, it’s a wonder she was even at the mall to find me. Though, I didn’t see much in the way of athletic shoes on the racks there. Either way, I’m grateful things worked out as they did.

new socks 4 og

I am also grateful for my new socks. You’ll never believe me when I say that I didn’t use my magical powers of persuasion to “help” her choose them either. They are exactly what I wanted! &, priced far less than they had been when I saw them the night Torie and I went shopping. I was so floored when she pulled them from the display, I didn’t even have time to do anything on my part to aid in her selection. I’m glad too, because it allows me yet another sign that she & I are meant to be!

Three more days ’til I rock a pair of these bad boys around the track at “Learn to Run”.
I can’t believe how less than a week ago I was practically mocking it and now I can. not. wait.

Bright Side(s)

I am in a far less bitchy mood tonight. All that complaining about my person’s lack of ability. What good did I think that would do either of us? Apologies. I will try, from now on, to be more positive about things.

On that note: One week from tonight, we will have completed our first steps  ::ba dum bump… tsssshhh::  together towards our goals. That’s the best part, the part I was over looking last night- we have the same goals! Not sure why that didn’t occur to me prior, I mean, she bought running shoes, for peep toe’s sake! & then signed up for a program that will ensure she’s ready to hit the ground (here comes another one, get ready for it… ) r u n n i n g  by the time spring is really here.

More bright sides: not much time for a long post- the girls I share a closet with are going to have a little slumber party tonight. I’ve been quartet’d up with another pair of sneakers to well, “sneak” the snacks into the den. To be honest, we’re probably the only ones without super loud soles. No way half these shoes could sneak anywhere with the likes of their heels. I’m looking forward to some girl talk and a little “House of Cards”. We’re not really sure what it’s about, but we’ve heard its supposed to be really good.

Besides, have you seen Kevin Spacey?
house of cards
Exactly, reason enough.

Having saved the brightest side for last: my person said we’re going shopping this weekend! She realized that I need new panties. Oddly though, she keeps calling them socks. Whatev. Call them what you will, I love clothes shopping!

Be Careful What You Wish For

So, my new person? Get this- she hasn’t run since college.
I’m not saying she’s ancient, but really, her college days were long before I was even a gleam in Poppa Asics eyelets.

She’s cool and very much a shoe lover, but I was so looking forward to putting all my training to good use. I have been chomping at the bit to get out there and really run, but it looks like we will be walking before that happens. Literally. Seems she signed up for a newbie runners program and I caught sight of the schedule- 1st week, walking. 30 minutes, non-stop- whooooo.

I wish Torie was here, she & I could talk about anything. She would totally help me put this all into perspective. I probably don’t even have to say that I really miss he who has never been named, right? We at least knew enough to keep it light, since there was always the possibility of one us leaving at any time. Truth be told, I can not believe it wasn’t him- this season, fancy athletic shoe like that, with all those “bells & whistles” as Torie & I liked to joke. Sigh. Perhaps one day we’ll “run” (haha) into each other out in the world. Though, its super doubtful what with me being among so many not-yet runners, at least for a while. He was definitely not the shoe for a newbie.

I have to stop being ungrateful. I am so happy to be out of the store but now that all the things that I dreamed would be waiting for me out here in the world are still a long way off I have to find new things to be thankful for…
For one thing, I was NOT joking when I said my person is a shoe lover, you should see it here! It’s almost as if I didn’t leave the department store- there are that many of us here. Making new friends shouldn’t be too hard, especially since there is far less possibility of any one of us getting whisked away to a new home at any given moment. Which is actually a really big deal. I’ve had to say goodbye to enough friends to relish the opportunity to make some lasting friendships.

Just a Pair of Sneakers, my ass!

I barely know where to begin this post…

I’m sorry I didn’t write yesterday. I was traveling… Yup, it happened. I was purchased. I BELONG TO SOMEONE!

In all my date-night excitement the eve prior (more on this later, I will say this though- Zombies, like WTF? For reals!), I totally forgot Monday was a holiday- President’s Day. & you know what that means- Big. Sales. Its interesting, whenever everyone else has off for a holiday, we work the hardest. Anyhoo -an additional 10% off all clearance. Because really, who can’t get enough of being worth even less. To add insult to injury, our rack was moved into center stage. Like, right into the middle of aisle. Customers had to walk around us if they wanted to approach the shoe department. Check it out, folks, shoes no one wants! Cast them a glance as you hurry past to the far more desirable pairs!

Are you picturing it so far? I’m trying to sleep in, exhausted from staying up super late and here I am, positioned right out in the open- the size & price side of my box facing the aisle, amid a dozen other shoes. Though I am the only athletic shoe. The only 9. One of only a few other Ladies’. I couldn’t possibly stick out more. Mortifying.

The store was packed too. I don’t know if it was cabin fever from the weekend or what, but really, there hadn’t been crowds like it since before Christmas. And kids! so many little kids. If you don’t already know this, allow me to inform you, they love to touch everything. Everything. So my box was continuously being rattled. A tap here, a rub there. All the while, I know its not someone looking to see what’s inside. My brain does anyway, but my heart, it’s in complete denial. So, each time I get jostled, it thinks that maybe, just maybe, it will be someone lifting my cover, gently removing me and carefully trying me on. Nope. It’s slightly broken each time and by the end of the rush, I am done. Done.

Which brings us to 7:30 at night. It’s a half an hour until close of business and it can not pass quickly enough. No one is coming into those doors looking to buy a pair of deeply discounted running shoes.

SHE SAID “Can we just go? They aren’t going to have anything here. & certainly not in our price point.”

HE SAID “Just look. Who knows. We’re just looking anyway, or were you planning to buy them tonight?”

SHE SAID “No. I just wanted to look, see what’s available. and get us out of the house a little.”

HE LAUGHS “Yeah, I was starting to get a little nuts all cooped up.”

SHE LAUGHS “Starting?”

I can tell that he’s already moved on, having heard his footsteps head on over to my old shelf, where the full price, this seasons’ shoes are displayed. Sans boxes, one at a time, so that sales people must engage and retrieve the sizes as needed. Because they are just that desirable. Who me? Bitter? Ha!

She hasn’t yet. I can feel her presence, must be reading boxes. Clearance is rough in that if you are not the perfect size as searched it just isn’t going to happen. All of a sudden, my box top is whisked off and my tissue paper parted. I actually hear an intake of breath. There is quite a bit of bustle as she settled us both down on a bench and rooted about her giant purse for what turns out to be a clean pair of underwear. Seriously. No store provided peds for my new friend, she had a pair of panties with her, for the express purpose of trying on shoes. The best part- they have an image of a blond girl (very similar to herself) TRYING ON SHOES with “Shoe Gal” written underneath. For real, I just might’ve fallen in love right there.

I have to say, the fit is fan-effin-tastic. She must agree, because she was walking all over the department, alternatively bouncing on the balls of her feet and her heels. Just as she stopped at the mirror, lifting the edge of her jeans so that we can both really see each other, he popped back over.

HE SAYS “Yes. Very cute and I have to say, very you. But there is no way those are in the budget. You said so yourself, just looking”

She merely switches sides and we check each other out from this new angle.

HE ASKS “Are you listening to me? At all?”

In reply, she lifts the box and holds it so that he can read my beyond embarrassing pricing for himself.

HE SAYS “There is no way that those are $30.”
SHE SAYS, with a huge smile, “You’re right, they’re not. $29.99, plus 10% off.”

I don’t know these two from Adam. However, even I know now that I am going to be heading home with them.

HE SAYS “Well, if you’re getting them, let’s go, they close in about 5 minutes”

The rest was mostly a blur. There was a hug involved, I know that. I definitely heard an “I love you” too. Then, I was taken off, placed back in my box- very carefully, I might add, and carried over to the register. All that usually happens there took place- the beeps and exchange of papers before I am slipped into a bag and heading out the door with my new family. There isn’t even time for proper goodbyes, but I can hear my friends yelling and clapping, which makes me sad, for about a minute. She is swinging the bag happily during the short walk through the parking lot and just as I am placed into the trunk of a car I catch one last exchange between the two of them…

SHE SAYS “Can you believe it? Less than $30, and they’re like, perfect. I swear, it has to be fate, I didn’t intend on buying anything tonight. I didn’t even want to look in that store. I’m telling you, fate.”
& then HE SAYS, with love, “You do realize it’s just a pair of sneakers, right?”

Lazy Sunday

Yup, still here.
& so, because no one knows what tomorrow will bring, I am going to make the most of it…

My love interest is at the food court right now and will swing by on his way back to pick me up for an evening in Electronics any minute. Plans include the biggest television we can find, popcorn and “The Walking Dead” -whatever that is.

walking dead

Must dash, he’ll be here any moment and my laces are not yet tied.

Dreaming of my own 2 feet

I don’t go outside, like, ever, and even I have had enough of this snow. It’s keeping away the customers and amazing as this past week has been, I am starting to get super nervous. I mean, what happens if no one buys me? I highly doubt they’ll mark me down further. Seriously, I’m already embarrassed by my pricing and it’s not like I can do much to hide this big red tag! I’m pretty sure the department store won’t keep me here indefinitely. Not that I would take too much issue if that were to be the case, as of late anyway, but it is not possible. Word on the sales floor is that you get sent back to the manufacturer (gasp!). I am not down with that. Who knows what they’ll do to me? It can’t possibly be good.
Ok, enough. I can NOT be thinking this negatively. Certainly not before going to box, that would guarantee a nightmare in my very near future!

Maybe it’s the late hour but I am so, so confused. I am having the time of my life right now- new friends, and a great guy!, have just come into it but one way or another this period has got to come to an end. Even though neither outcome is truly known, I definitely think being purchased is better than a return to factory. Shoes come in and out of here all day long and oftentimes, when their person is trying another of us on there is time for quick chat. It is rare that we hear anything negative about the world outside the mall. For us footwear anyway. Shoes seems to be generally loved by their people, allowed to become a part of their everyday. I have seen enough of my shelf mates meet their feet and if that interaction is any indication of what is to blossom between them, I want in on that. I have trained my whole life to become an integral part of someone’s fitness routine and I would be beyond disappointed if it was all for naught. I think my chances are getting narrower with each passing day. No one even looked in my direction today. I am trying to remain hopeful that it was because it was a quiet shopping day, but really, who knows?

I end this post with a request… do you know of anyone looking for a pair of sneakers? & by anyone I mean a chick, who wears a nine. Who loves shoes. Who will appreciate my bright colors, keep me in fresh undies & clean laces. Who will take me running! If so, please, send her to the Poughkeepsie Galleria. Tell her to check the discount section. She’ll know me when she sees me- of that I am sure.

clearance tags

Best. Valentine’s Day. Ever.

When my friend, Torie, arranged to have me and this guy recently met over for dinner, I didn’t even realized she’d planned it for Valentine’s Day until the morning of. The whole idea to make this a casual dinner, as it was presented to me, was to take pressure away, not add to it! Imagine having to get ready for that 1st date. Cray!

Everything during pre-date prep went super well, I must say. A good lace day, thank goodness- perfect, symmetrical bows with not much effort. My nerves though, totally different story, I was a mess. I got to her rack early and had a glass of wine to settle them. It worked, until he arrived. I literally broke out into a sweat. & then, I realized he was feeling the exact same way. We were both all stupid smiles with the complete inability to make eyelet contact.

As the evening wore on, we both managed to get our footing and we settled into conversation. Like, the best conversation of my life. For reals. Man, I am in big trouble. Big. Huge. It is way too soon for me to feel as I do. Crazier than that? He is in the same boat. Whaaaat?! This doesn’t happen outside of the movies. Love at first sight does not exist. Or does it??

It’s extremely late and I need to get into box and sleep, I just didn’t want to keep you guys in suspense any longer. I promise, more details soon. But right now, I’m going to relish this dream-like feeling.